Xbit Labs: HDT-D1284 & ZIPANG CPU Coolers Review

XIGMATEK HDT-D1284 finally proved to be a very successful solution, however, Xbit Labs have to stress that it is only true for 65nm processors. Not very high cooling efficiency with 45nm processor on Yorkfield core against the background of today's other testing participants may result from a smaller contact spot between the processor die and the CPU heat-spreader (Yorkfield's die size is smaller than Kentsfield's).

Scythe ZIPANG, on the contrary, proved a terrific cooler from all standpoints. Very high cooling efficiency, low level of generated noise, ability to work with a 120mm fan instead of a 140mm one, excellent cooling of the around-the-socket area and even memory modules, universal design – all these advantages will be extremely attractive not only to overclocking fans but also to regular users who care about proper cooling and quiet system operation.

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