Intel Haswell CPU retail prices revealed

PC gamers looking to upgrade their systems now know what it will cost to get one of the new Intel "Haswell" CPUs.

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ATi_Elite2058d ago

Another set of AMD Killers incoming to pile on top of the AMD Killers already on the market.

Intel is taking on Nvidia and AMD at the same time, Crushing AMD in the CPU business and causing Nvidia problems in other NON GPU related business.

I use to HATE INTEL but Benchmarks DO NOT LIE!

JBSleek2058d ago

No doubt. It's hard to match Intel in the desktop or laptop sector.

The crazy thing is they are getting into mobile now and their Bay Trail will deliver the power to tablets and hybrids.

decrypt2058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

Intel has been amazing. People say PC needs constant upgrades. However Intels first gen I5 & I7 disprove those claims.

I7 920 arrived back in 2008, even today when OCed to 4ghz it gives most of today latest CPUs a run for their money. Same goes for the I5 750.

WiiStation_3602058d ago

Chuuuur bro, my i5-750 is still rocking it!

dcbronco2058d ago

The fastest growing markets are the one Intel are weakest at. How will they deal with tablets and phones? Others are ahead of them there.

hiredhelp2058d ago

ATi come on man we both know Intel have had the CPU market for years now.
Intel fans may knock AMD CPU'S but there not that Bad...
They have the black unlock editions witch do fairly good and yet that much cheaper than Intel. So made it much more appealing to Gamers on a Budget.

NarooN2058d ago

Benchmarks aren't the end all be all of CPU performance. Everyone that I know that has a modern AMD CPU maxes their games out with no problem. I've done gaming, audio and video production with AMD chips for many years and never had any issues. Honestly don't see why people are fanboys when it comes to tech like this...

NYC_Gamer2058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

Its not being a fanboy to admit Intel offers better performance

NarooN2058d ago

I'm not denying they offer better performance. But my point is that higher-end AMD solutions can get you the same performance, suitable anyway, for just about anything. There's no game out today that an AMD CPU will bottleneck. And really, not many games are even CPU intensive in the first place. The GPU is responsible for most of the harder work.

Ialso don't think people with a 2nd or 3rd gen i5 or i7 should upgrade. Only if they have a 1st gen will they see a huge benefit. Intel makes great chips, there's no denying that. It's just silly when people spout the same old "lolololol AMD iz teh doomed, goin bankrupt 2morrow lolol " nonsense everywhere.

Letros2058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

Skyrim, SC2, F1 2012 and all other CPU intensive games heavily favor Intel.

You'll get the best performance in all games for ~$20-30 more. And probably save more than that in energy over the lifespan of your PC. You'd be silly to buy AMD.

LAWSON722058d ago

I am happy with my 3570k and i still have not overclocked so no upgrade for me.


Whip out the liquid nitrogen WE'RE GOIN TO 1.21 GIGAWATTS.

WUTCHUGUNNADO2058d ago (Edited 2058d ago )

Psssssst... You don't need to most powerful CPU on the market every year for just gaming. ._.

Pricing is actually kind of modest for them this time around though.

ATi_Elite2058d ago

AMD = Good performance for a good price.

Intel = when money isn't an issue and you want Maximum Performance. Plus Intel's use less Power and overclock much better now a days than AMD.

Also if your Streaming then go Intel. Every Major Streamer on Twitch.TV who plays on Ultra Settings and streams in 1080p/720p has an Intel inside.

....and Yeh someone up above mentioned a core i7 920 which is like 5 years old and it's still a BEAST!


hiredhelp2058d ago

AMD GPU FTW agreed!!


I'm having no problem streaming with my FX-8350... nothing noticeable unless I stream BF3/64 player in 1080p which even the comparable intels struggle with as well.

ATi_Elite2058d ago

Hmmm NO!

BF3/63 player on Ultra Streams with ease on Intels, that's why so many Gamers use them. They just are BOSS.

also no such thing as a comparable Intel to AMD cause AMD's Hi end cpu is like a low end Intel CPu.

adorie2058d ago

core i7 2600k @ 4.4ghz: What you talkin bout' willis!?

imXify2058d ago

I'll take a 4800MQ for my laptop in june. My i7 720 is poor for video editing

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