Montreal firm Yanks some chains

While EA's Army of Two has been doing brisk business since it's release last week, the tale of two military contractors has been raising eyebrows and ire for its subject matter. While some have deemed it to be too 'pro-American,' it was developed in EA's Montreal studio. Alain Tascan, the general manager, said: "In Europe for instance, certain places feel the game is very pro-American. But the thing I want to tell them is, 'Do you know it's being done by French Canadians?'"

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M0KILLaU3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

Um, yea ok shut up! Any one who thinks this game is too pro American is a terrorists, and needs reeducation training.

I'm being sarcastic people "you know a joke", so don't start pulling on my bubbles.

Genesis53718d ago

Yep.We Canadians really like to stir the pot.We are leaders in world controversy.Well I think SSBB is pro cartoon characters,and we all know what that can lead to. It's a video game people.

Surfman3717d ago

me too, wanna be friend?
anyway this article is lame.

Rice3717d ago

i visited montreal a couple of times...what a nice place to live....

Surfman3717d ago

i hope you didnt come this winter..

toughNAME3717d ago

Vive le Québec libre !


Surfman3717d ago

I'm not for that, im for the "go habs go". But i wish Toronto won't make the playoffs, Montreal don't have chances with Toronto.