Top 10 Good Guys Gone Bad

CheatCC says: "Video game writers are notorious for flipping the script on us as we shoot and smash our way through their worlds. However, in this top ten, we focus on the good characters that go bad. For some of these characters, their falls from grace simply feed into their stories, while others become soured due to actions players choose. Whatever the reason, good guys gone bad we often enjoy the hell out of it."

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TheLyonKing2062d ago

Not a bad list.

When Riku went bad egg in KH that was quite cool 😁

Transporter472062d ago

somehow i think they should add a spoiler warning for this kind of lists

dmcwilliams2062d ago

He may have been a minor character, but Kato's transformation in the two Shadow Hearts games was really cool/chilling.

MegaMohsi2062d ago

what about Ryu? also why is superman in the picture, he's not even on the list lol

kagon012062d ago

Luc from Suikoden

Devourlord Revya from Soul Nomad if you choose that is

Cole from Infamous