Parents of Young Gamers…learn to draw the line for your children

“Mommy, mommy…..Please can I get the new Call of Duty……pleeeeeaaaaase!!!!”

This was the shocking comment from an 8 year old child that I had the unsettling experience of overhearing recently at one of my local gaming stores.

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WolfLeBlack2065d ago

A part of the problem, I think, also stems from the fact that many people still view videogames as things solely designed and aimed at kids, despite the fact that we know better.

We have so many games that deal with dark themes, show extreme violence and more that are aimed at adults, and yet this kids image still remains.

Many, many games are still aimed at kids, but they're no longer the sole audience. Parents need to become aware of this, in much the same way that comics are no longer just depictions of goodie-2-shoes.

MikeyDucati12064d ago

Still, the parents are stupid. If you look at the cover of videogames and apply some basic common sense, you would have an idea of what your child is getting into it.

The problem is, parents don't parent. They expect everyone else to. And lets be real here, parents don't hire babysitters, they buy Call of Duty to keep lil billy from terrorizing the house.

Mantis12065d ago

Agreed, many of the forms of entertainment we used to enjoy as kids are far more adult themed and realistic than before. Many parents are oblivious to this, and maybe more concerned with keeping their kids occupied than paying attention to the influences their kids are exposed to.

Axonometri2065d ago

In the first decade plus games were mostly kid/family targeted. It has not been that way for some time. Unfortunately, they make what sells. If more people would buy games targeted at kids/family they would make more. We could use some more quality games that all about severing limbs.

jc485732065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

I go to gamestop and sometimes I come around Moms with their kids asking to buy Saints Row and what do the moms do? They buy them the game eve though the clerks told them about the rating and content. It happens. Fathers, on the other hand, tend to hesitate and eventually tell their kids to pick something else like Arkham, which I'm totally ok with.

xBigxBossx2065d ago

Games are alot worse these days compared to when we were kids (or teens). Almos every game I own I wouldn't feel right having my daughter play them aside for ni no kuni or portal 2.

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The story is too old to be commented.