BGamer Previews GTA IV

Portuguese gaming magazine BGamer has a nice Grand Theft Auto IV preview in its latest issue. Here are some details:

- We already know that you can use the database in LCPD police car computers. However, BGamer states that you can take a picture of someone with your cellphone and then search for that person in the computer to find all of their information. Does this mean you can look up anyone and find their address? We will have to wait and see!
- The magazine editors asked Rockstar Games if there was any place that they could see some Portuguese pedestrians or a Portuguese part of town. Rockstar Games told them to drive to an area north of Alderney. When they arrived, they found themselves in a Portuguese neighborhood with flags and posters representing their culture.
- When the car alarm is triggered, the police units in the area will be aware of it.
- Rockstar Games reconfirmed that car customization will not be available in the game.

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androctonvs3660d ago

...aos cerca de 3 ou 4 tugas que vão ler o artigo...


slapsta723659d ago

regarding cell phone and database is most likely too good to be true

M4I0N33659d ago

dammit, i was hoping to mod cars in GTA IV :/, espiecally after i saw that blue car in the first trailer of GTA IV