Rewired Mind: Devil May Cry 4 Review

You most definitely won't be left disappointed in DMC4's visuals also. Cut scenes are a treat to behold as they provide some excellent eye candy and swordplay, where as the game's various backdrops range from exotic to archaic. The audio also follows this visual standard closely, but it's a shame the battle music from DMC3 makes an unwelcome return; something Rewired Mind was hoping to never hear again in this lifetime.

DMC4 helps pull the series out of the quicksand it had been sinking into for the past few years. No doubt this polish will help attract a bigger audience more than ever, but ultimately it keeps the same formula even when seeking these new players. What starts as a God of War style crusade to reach the end of a story becomes a race for Kudos as you replay missions again and again for bigger style points and better grades.

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jinn3560d ago

biggest disappointing game aside from army of two for 2008