How Dead Island Riptide Improves Upon The Original Dead Island

Dead Island Riptide is officially available in North America today and will hit shelves globally on Friday, April 26th. We've been spending some time with the game and as fans of the original Dead Island, the comparisons have been present in our mind throughout our time playing Riptide.

We figured we'd share some of those thoughts with our readers, because doubtless many of you played the original Dead Island and are curious if Riptide is worth your time and money.

Dead Island was a great co-op game and Riptide follows in those bloody, shambling footsteps and we're okay with that.But most players want change, so here are a few things that Dead Island Riptide does better than the original Dead Island.

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Tornadobounce1763d ago

I'm nearly level 35 and I'm still running around with a baseball bat.....

seanpitt231763d ago

So it's the same game then lol

camel_toad1762d ago

Playing it soon - is it as buggy as the first?

barb_wire1763d ago

TBH it doesn't improve at all over the original, you can still finish it using the baseball bat. Seems like this is more of an expansion than a true sequel, IMO anyway.