Dragon’s Crown Confirmed for an August 6th Release Date in North America on PS3 and PS Vita

Retailers have listed Dragon’s Crown with a release date of August 6th for quite some time now, with Atlus finally confirming that, yes, we’ll see Dragon’s Crown on August 6th in North America, under two weeks after the July 25th Japan launch. They also detailed that it will be $49.99 on PlayStation 3, with the PlayStation Vita getting it at $39.99. -PSLS

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doctorstrange1644d ago

Can dragons even wear crowns?

Wedge191644d ago

They have to be able to afford those custom shop ones for their odd shaped noggins.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1644d ago

Only the ones in Revelations :)

3-4-51644d ago

Doesn't it imply a Crown made OF Dragon ?

doctorstrange1644d ago

:O but Dragons are endangered!

Fistedcupps1642d ago

Dragons are lined up in a Crown formation :D

Myst1644d ago

Alright's time to pre-order if you haven't already.

Godchild10201644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Did so last week. Plan on paying it off this weekend, since the August date is official.

There will be cross saves, they are trying to get me to purchase two copies. Hopefully there will be a bundle on PSN or something.

Myst1644d ago

Nice I don't expect the "Buy PS3 version on PSN get the vita version free!" Though it would be nice, but if not oh well I'll get 'em either way!

Godchild10201644d ago

When I say bundle, I mean both games for like 69.99 or 79.99 or something instead of paying 90 dollars for both versions.

I'm expecting a sale like that on release week or the week after from retailers.

Myst1644d ago

Ah gotcha now, that would be nice I hope that will happen.

dbjj120881644d ago

Woot! More Vita games, please.

sherimae24131644d ago

vita version all the way! ^_^

GreenRanger1644d ago

Vita version for me too.
The OLED screen will make this game look awesome.

Hanso1644d ago

yeah same for me Vita version :)

TrendyGamers1644d ago

I know it isn't Cross Buy, but some sort of discount would be appreciated.

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The story is too old to be commented.