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Submitted by Garethvk 1027d ago | opinion piece

Why The Next Xbox’s Always On Feature Is No Big Deal

Joseph at Skewed and Reviewed has posted an opinion piece on why he believes the reported yet controversial always on aspect of the new Xbox system is not that big a deal. Joseph looks at comments made about the controversial feature and has several opinions of his own regarding the controversy. (Microsoft, Xbox One)

Update As you know, May 21st is the reveal date Microsoft has set.

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wishingW3L  +   1027d ago
in a nutshell: author say that is not big deal because it hasn't been announced yet by MS. What a waste of time was reading this pointless piece....
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SHORYUKEN  +   1027d ago
Microsoft Will say it like this at E3.

It's not so much big deal. It's a little tiny deal.

Please fanboys don't overreact.

Just #dealwithit it's #litletinydeal and #getoverit

We stil got kinekt

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ichimaru  +   1026d ago
? why would any say that the night the reveal their console to the world and investors
Maddens Raiders  +   1027d ago
Well -
I know bad press and bad rumours can be overcome, I witnessed with my own eyes the PS3 thrown overboard and left for dead at the bottom of the ocean '05 to '08, only to wake up and roar out of said ocean like Godzilla on a revenge tour, murder romp. With that said, there's no doubt that it took a lot of hard work, kick ass exclusives, and perks like ps+, blu ray, and luck to turn that DOA definition completely around for old uncle Sony.

I wonder if someone/ anyone at MS's gaming division can see and sense these parallels and have something up their sleeve to counter it all? I wonder how many Joe Shmoe's in the street have heard these half baked things and turned away from the nextbox already, and have spread more wild speculation to go along with it?

I guess what I'm in disbelief over at this point, is how incredibly LONG it is taking MS to counter this bad press if it isn't true. I mean E3 is still a long way away and then it's time to get into the fall/ holiday mindset of things right after. It's all a bit weird.

Samsung Galaxy SIII
stuna1  +   1027d ago
That's the though! Sony fought tooth and nail to claw their way from the gaping maw of defeat! Even now they are suffering some major setbacks.

If it wasn't for their steady commitment to the core gamer, most would have jumped ship! This is why so many people who said they wouldn't dare buy a PS3 have, because they see the commitment.

On the other hand it is also a trait that Microsoft is sorely lacking! Most can see with their own two eyes that Microsoft will go where their is money to be made! Not a dig, just a plain and simple truth. I'm not faulting them for that flaw, its just at some point they need to realise that they have a host of loyal and supportive customers that they need to cater too first and foremost, then attend to other option secondary.
MikeMyers  +   1027d ago
The author never really addressed anything.

"I am not saying “deal with it” like Orth did. I am just saying that people may be overreacting without being a little reasonable. People cite issues like those seen with Diablo III and SimCity, but then they forget about all of the shining examples of where it works. World of Warcraft, Everquest, Star Wars: The Old Republic and any other MMO you can think of. Yes, they have server issues every now and then, and they only focus on one game, but they are massive games and can’t be overlooked."

Those games are MMO games, they make sense to always be online. Why do games that are single player require an online connection? What benefit does it have other than to automatically sync. your Achievements and keep your friends connected outside of your game? If I want to I can watch a movie on my computer and stay connected and get alerts if I choose but it should be my choice.

I think the biggest worry is DRM and how it will likely block used games. When Microsoft (and other console suppliers) have shown that digital isn't any cheaper why would the consumer want to adopt this? People spend good money on their games. Are all games good? Do all games hold value after they are completed?
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MikeMyers  +   1026d ago
I doubt they are laughing because the PS4 is getting the press, the new Xbox isn't aside from rumors. So anytime a next gen. game is mentioned they ignore the new Xbox because they are not allowed to say anything just yet.

In the end it probably won't matter too much but right now the PS4 is getting better press.
GalacticEmpire  +   1027d ago
It IS a big deal to people with spotty or slow internet.

It IS a big deal to people who play in areas without internet i.e. soldiers overseas.

It IS a big deal to gamers who DO have great internet but don't want to be reliant on the console manufacturers or publishers servers to be able to play their own games.



If these millions of people decide to buy a PS4 instead of an Xbox 3 then that's kind of a big deal.
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LOGICWINS  +   1027d ago
Its not a big deal for the simple fact that these people have the option of buying other consoles.
MariaHelFutura  +   1027d ago
DigitalRaptor  +   1027d ago
No. It is a big deal if consumers bend over for this as it reflects badly on the industry and paves the way for more anti-consumer practices from other companies.

It's also a big deal if you like MS exclusives and can't support them because you have the self-respect to say no to Microsoft's anti-consumer decisions.

Indifference concerning issues that affect us consumers is worse than the companies themselves for doing what they already do.
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LOGICWINS  +   1027d ago
"If these millions of people decide to buy a PS4 instead of an Xbox 3 then that's kind of a big deal."

Thats a big assumption right there. Why do you assume that the PS4 would be the only alternative to someone not buying the 720? How do you know people won't go the Wii U route, the PC route, or the handheld route?

What about the majority of console owners who will simply say "screw you" to next gen consoles and stick with their current gen consoles?

As I said, your making assumptions.

"No. It is a big deal if consumers bend over for this as it reflects badly on the industry and paves the way for more anti-consumer practices from other companies"

Another assumption. Just because one company is successful at employing anti-consumer practices doesn't mean the competition will follow suit. Paid XBL subs proved successful to Microsoft for years with the original Xbox. Did Sony follow suit with the PS3? No, they didn't

"It's also a big deal if you like MS exclusives and can't support them because you have the self-respect to say no to Microsoft's anti-consumer decisions."

Not my problem. I don't care about MS exclusives.
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GalacticEmpire  +   1027d ago
@LOGIC Not an assumption, an example.

"What about the majority of console owners who will simply say "screw you" to next gen consoles and stick with their current gen consoles?"

Er... weren't you the one who said "...people have the option of buying other consoles."

So I guess I was following your very own assumption there, again PS4 was just an example, which being the main competitor of Xbox 3, I thought was most appropriate.

Anyway that's all beside the point which is that it WOULD be a big deal.

Yay, I managed to reply without mentioning the use of 'your' instead of 'you're'...

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TheSaint  +   1026d ago
Logic does win, which means you rarely do.
maniacmayhem  +   1027d ago
It is NOT a big deal if the system still allows you to play games offline as the most recent rumors suggest.
zerocrossing  +   1027d ago
My internet is usually OK but it was down for about 3 hours the other day, so yeah not really liking this "always online" thing.
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GreenRanger  +   1027d ago
I was just discussing this with my dog and he seems to think that it is a big deal.
We don't usually see eye to eye but this time i really can't argue with him.
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TheFallenAngel  +   1027d ago
Lets say I'm broke and I only have money to pay my core bills (light, food, water and rent/mortgage) and they cut off my internet. What am I going to play if my cable is cut off and I cant play because I need an internet connection? this is not just outside the US, I been broke before where I'm only to pay the bills I just listed.
FantasyStar  +   1027d ago
Honestly man; If you're in THAT kind of situation: you have bigger problems to deal with than just being unable to play your games. You can't control your internet's reliability (which is the point of the article), but you can control spending habits.
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TheFallenAngel  +   1027d ago
Have you realized how much rent, light and food prizes have gone up? I don't know if you live with your parents and most people here does but some of us have families and bills but we love gaming. Now a days you gotta have a job where you are making over $3k a month to have a decent living. It's not just on controlling spending habits because you can't control your core bills. Like I said I love gaming and I always have and always will.
gigoran  +   1027d ago
Right. When the system is offline in the near future and all the games you purchased stop working, it's no big deal. #itsnobigdeal
CommonSenseGamer  +   1027d ago
No, that is no big deal. $hit happens sometimes so get use to it. When Sony's PSN was down for over a month in 2011 the world didn't end, just a handful of those that would rather sit on their a$$ all day than do something more constructive found themselves at a loss and vented their frustration on the internet.

Gaming is not the be all and end all when it comes to having fun.
saint_seya  +   1027d ago
Your name is so wrong.. common sense.. Do u realize that when psn was down, the people that had ps3 games still was able to play their games offline, they were in a silver status, i mean they were able to play the offline part of the games, w/o multiplayer part.

Now, if u think something like this happens to ms, people will be a month without playing their games, online/offline, so ITS A BIG DEAL.

Then again, this are all rumors, and i dont think ms will allow this, i think ms is smart enough to see that people will hate it.
#5.1.1 (Edited 1027d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
CommonSenseGamer  +   1027d ago
Well, I mainly game on-line so it was annoying but not the end of the world when PSN went down. I simply found other things to do. Thing is, I actually found I spend less time gaming since the great PSN outage of 2011. There asre simply better things to spend your time on. Sure I still game but I game less and if the service is down, I simply do something else. Its nothing to get up in arms about.

People need to put gaming into perspective. That too me makes more sense, common sense even.
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TheSaint  +   1026d ago
You could still play single player games when PSN went down, which is the entire point.

Which makes your point invalid.
FantasyStar  +   1027d ago
On the plus of things: it does put a spotlight on the horrible state of the United States' internet infrastructure.
Bryan574  +   1027d ago
Bought article
Garethvk  +   1027d ago
We were not paid one cent for it. I asked the staff who wanted to do an article on the new Xbox. No restrictions, no boundaries just say what you had on your mind and this is what he wrote. We do not ever take payment for reviews or articles, only for syndication and ads.
My_Name_BTW_Is_Dante  +   1027d ago
It's not a big deal because it doesn't exist. People love to blindly believe rumors.
MadMen  +   1027d ago
Its like Google who I love, but understand concern over what they do sometimes.

MS Always on no big deal - 3 yrs later, they are in court explaining using peoples information.

You see folks, I have worked in the IT field for 12 yrs, and if anything is obvious when they control when and how you connect at all times, then they control, period.

New gen players do not get it, they live in a world of always connected, Us players back from the SNES days understand, having your own system and TRULY owning it, is important, not heres 300 bucks, now connect to us using DRM or be dead in the water, doesnt float with anyone with half a brain, these are consoles, not cell phones.

Do yourself a favor *IF* Xbox (which is my current fav system) does go this route, abandon them for SONY, nothing sends a signal to companies more than money.

See you on the non DRM connected, non intrusive, non controlled side of next gen.
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Urusernamesucks  +   1027d ago
not happening, no big deal
Jek_Porkins  +   1027d ago
What a pointless waste of time, it's a rumor, just like the rumor that it wont be always online.
josephayal  +   1027d ago
I will definitely be jumping ship and buying a Xbox 720
ACESupERIC  +   1027d ago
There's only one"legitimate"reaso n for always online. Stopping piracy. And with the tech available today,also ms being one of the premier software developers in the world, you cannot tell me that they can't develop something that validates the disc each time you pop one in without staying online after. I really don't think ms will go with this always online
TXIDarkAvenger  +   1027d ago
I personally don't mind that much, a lot of my devices are always online already, this isn't much different.
gigoran  +   1027d ago
But it is different. It's not the device, but the games that cease to work after the device isn't online. And yes these types of games exist on pc as well. But is having a console where every game is like that good? Huh... ok...
idiotsRus  +   1027d ago
Sony must be extremely happy about the inordinate number of cynical articles concerning the next Xbox (I would be too). Without waiting to hear from the horse's mouth, some gamers have taken it upon themselves not only to believe every rumor out there, but to also make a firm decision on not purchasing this console.

One can predict that this will end in a manner akin to President Obama's birth certificate rumors: even after showing sufficient evidence, few of the Thomases will change their minds.
Supermax  +   1027d ago
If it's a big deal to you then stop gaming or buy a 3ds or a vita
guerojose  +   1027d ago
This guy comes off as a typical, uninformed kid. "It doesn't affect me personally, so it's not a big deal". How about this instead: "It would be no big deal at all for MS to NOT require always connected." Ask yourself - are they doing this for you, or for them?

They don't want you to play a used game, or watch a movie, or basically do anything, unless they're in the middle, figuring out a way to take a cut. And if that means you just want to pop in a casual game, or borrow a friend's, or take your console with you somewhere, too bad. Or the hundred other examples others have pointed out about other countries with lesser connectivity, or military overseas, etcetera. Hey, no big deal to MS if you're forbidden from doing those things with your own game console.
Supermax  +   1027d ago
How's pc games doing in the used game market,looks like its doing fine to pc gamers complain about it,nope.
jmc8888  +   1026d ago
The guy doesn't get it.

Power outages happen because they are unavoidable sometimes. Without power at all, you don't have power.

Always online connection requirement is a made up fantasy threshold that is not needed for any reason whatsoever. Sorry.

Taking your console online when you want to, and being able to use it if it can't connect for whatever reason is akin to 'crap happens like with the power'.

What MS wants is to ADD more uncertainty, not because it has to be there, but because MS WANTS the requirement to be there and doesn't care if it causes problems sometimes.

The author is comparing apples to oranges. He's also only addressing one aspect of it.

When the power goes out, there is usually a PHYSICAL reason why it isn't working. You know blown transformer. Power line down. So on and so forth.

He wants to equate something like THAT, to a not being able to use your console, not because of something unavoidable like that, but because they build the problem in.

Physical damage to power infrastructure = unavoidable
Console not being able to be used because for WHATEVER reason it cannot connect to the servers to satisfy the DRM = unnecessary hoop jumping.

Hey author, what if the operator of N4G made you run 100 mile marathon just so you could post your lame article. Just because.

You'd actually gain something from that; fitness. You don't gain squat from needing to be online.

I swear people can't think anymore. They are freaking morons.

They make the most idiotic comparisons when they can't grasp the difference between natural unavoidable problems and ones that are specifically put in front of us for no reason.

Another way to think of it is like OCD. Someone with OCD has to do weird patterns of things. Like put on their left shoe first before hoping three steps on their right foot and opening the door with their left hand counter clockwise and walking out the door backwards and clapping their hands three times.

You see that's Microsoft's always online or the machine no workee. It's console OCD.

Instead of turning it on and it working. It needs to do all this unnecessary crap in order to simply be able to play ones games.

Then guys like this author are telling us that console OCD is no big deal. That its THE FUTURE!

Sorry, your sophistry makes no sense to anyone that can think.

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