Do We Really Need Another Call of Duty

By Luis Zacarias

The next Call of Duty game will be the tenth iteration of a COD game in the last 10 years. On October 29, 2003 Infinity Ward (Published by Activision) unleashed the first Call of Duty game to the world. This November with a little more than 10 years since the first launch of a COD title, Infinity Ward will probably launch Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4. I think it’s time for a break.

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Good_Guy_Jamal1859d ago

Do we need another article about whether or not we need another CoD?

Zuperman1859d ago

I bet if any of you guys made something was selling $millions$ year after year, I guarantee you'll do the exact same thing Activision is doing.

Septic1859d ago


Yeah....I'm talking about the fact that we don't need another article like this......

Reverent1859d ago

@Zuperman, I completely understand Activision for doing so. I don't blame them for anything. I blame the people who buy into the lies year after year, continuing to let Activision give it to them from behind.

Hydrolex1859d ago

I don't mind a new call of duty as long as it's a new engine with new graphics and new everything else lol... I really enjoyed the first call of duty, god I was hooked on that game

Dirtnapstor1859d ago


If its not broke, why fix it. The formula works for them. I enjoy the SP experiences liken to an authored book that comes out every year. But the MP is old hat for me personally.
So what's with this "lies" business? If you don't like it, pick something else off the shelf, right?

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Kinger89381859d ago

One of these has been published every year at about this time i swear

If people enjoy the games fair enough, i personally am waiting for them to freshen up the visuals and make some changes to seperate a new call of duty from the one that come out a year before it

Xbot3601858d ago

The article says a new COD is warranted as long as it is a next gen title on a next gen system.

pompombrum1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

Nope we don't need either, nor in all fairness do we need any more modern day shooters for a while.

Root1859d ago

"We" don't but "they" do

WolfLeBlack1859d ago

Need? No. But want? Well, considering the sales each Call of Duty game boasts these days, the majority do want it.

I enjoy them, but I'm in the minority in the sense that I don't feel any want for a new one.

Kurt Russell1859d ago

I get one now and then. I had MW2 then Black Ops2... every now and then I fancy buying one as a bit of guilty pleasure :)

DaveyB1859d ago

Ugh, Call of Duty. :(

We don't really need one - we haven't needed one for the last three years - or since Infinity Ward broke. We're getting another one all the same though - like it or not.

I'm hoping you get to ride a seahorse in the next one.
Seahorses are vicious war machines.

Crazyglues1859d ago (Edited 1859d ago )

@ DaveyB

Oh my God! bubbles for you my friend, that made me laugh so hard...
(Seahorses ...LoL are indeed for the win)

But I think you summed it up perfectly - It Doesn't matter if we need it or not because were already getting one...

-So Nothing to see here, Move along People-

Oh and please don't forget to take your free PC wallpaper on your way out, if your leaving out the back doors its on your left hand side on the desk or you can just click here -

||.........___||............ ||

SoldierX1859d ago

Love the Tokyo Drift jab in the image!

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