Stop Making Videogame Movies – They Clearly Don’t Work

X360: Resident Evil, Silent Hill and Far Cry all have awful movie adaptations, but do we really want the same thing to happen to Assassin’s Creed, Halo and Deus Ex? No, we don’t think we do.

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Root1854d ago (Edited 1854d ago )

They will if they actually stop hiring people who

1) Are not gamers

2) Don't stick to the source material


3) Don't respect the fans and the franchise

I mean I'd rather have a copy and pasted plot from the games EVEN WITH chunks of the dialogue changed round a bit then the crap they put out today.

You might think to yourself

"Wait a minute...what's the point when I've played the game and know what's going to happen"

True but these films aren't really for us they are for a new audience (film buffs and casual people) who haven't played the games.

Godmars2901854d ago

More so when the name is only exploited with no regard to the history or sub-culture surrounding it.

Its just idiotic for a director to think they can "put their own spin on things" both appease fans and draw in new audience while have no understanding whatsoever of the source material. And saying that they do when its obvious that they don't doesn't count.

Root1854d ago

Not to mention being an arrogant prick about it

Paul W.S Anderson actually thinks he's done justice to the fans and really believes he's cracked the bad video game curse. I don't know what interview it was in but I know what I heard.

Jsynn71853d ago

It's not that movies based on videogames don't work, it's that the people who make them don't give a sh!t to make them work. Hollywood doesn't take the gaming industry too serioulsy and that why these movie adaptations turn out so bad, I think. Find a director, producer, and/or screenplay writers who've got a passion for great story-telling and repsect the gaming industry enough not to stray from the source material of any game and you'll have a success.

violents1853d ago

If they didnt tear apart the storylines of the games and make some garbage that has the same name as a game than they would be awsome.