Warhawk Hits 1/2 Million

Warhawk has sold over half a million copies.

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Blademask3748d ago

More meat for the grinder!

JoelR3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

wrong place Oops T_T

socomnick3748d ago

Wow only half a mil. Weak How is this news worthy heck im sure even two worlds outsold this game.

killax35633748d ago

Half a million is pretty good for an online only game (that has zero single player) that you can only play on the ps3. Especially considering it hasn't even been out for 6 months.

I know WoW and other MMORPG's are also online only but that's for the pc (much larger installed base).

Kugar773748d ago

it has been out for a lil over 6 months, the game is awesome so im surprised its not long as incognito creates more patches and updates, the game will get stronger

Omegasyde3748d ago

I agree, this is not good enough to be news. However I trully believe the game sold alot higher than 1/2 million...

A) this is a ranked stats page, what about ps3 users with multiple user names (actually less sales?). The negative point players are obviosly team killers with other accounts (last page)

B) this is US ONLY. Yes, i know alot of other people's names are on there from EU but that was due to glitch. I doubt it's even fixed.

This game is great but would of sold twice as much if they lowered price by 25%, and had an option to play split screen without having to connect to internet.

It may have not as much, but the game is the most bought PSN title on the ps3.

sonarus3748d ago

this game is great and its a pity it hasn't sold more than this. I think the game should get a price drop and better promotional push and it should sell better. Sony didn't do a good job marketing and advertising when it came out. Most ppl probably think its a flying game only

Sevir043748d ago

i dont even think Shadow Run for the 360, did as well, considering it had some very very bad reviews, while it it's news it's good to see that it's still selling and not dropped off the face of the earth like some titles do.

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Brian52473748d ago

Great numbers, they'll only rise in the years to come.

Coffin873748d ago

yeah i guess.

but half a million doesn't sound too much for me really. oO
i would've expected something like at least 1 million.

Chubear3748d ago

Tell me, how many onine only games you know sold 1/2 mill in 6 months?

Maddens Raiders3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

has thoroughly captured my attention and not let go since day 1.

It's sold much more than 1/2 million though.

Armyless3748d ago

Wasn't it reported that UT3 for the PS3 reached a million sales? I find it hard to believe that UT3 has sold more than Warhawk. (And I'm a big fan of both)

M0KILLaU3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

It still burns my arse that PSM gave Warhawk a 6.5. I consider that to be a little harsh considering they are a Playstation only mag, and no other review came close to what I consider to be a low score.

I used the word [consider] 3 no 4 times, "wow that nuts"!

Armyless3748d ago

I'd put this game squarely in the 8.8 to 9.0 range