Live-360's Top 5 FPS Games on the 360

After the success of the "Live-360's Top 10 Xbox 360 Games" article we decided to break it down to the top five games in each genre. This week is First Person Shooter. The following list is compiled based on graphics, gameplay, story, sound, longevity, innovation, and plain ol' fun.

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4cough3718d ago

Shadow Run is horrible.

Fux4Bux3718d ago

Kinda weird how PS3's FPS lineup is looking far better.

Sayai jin3718d ago

Provide the list you are spaking of.

tony3718d ago

i only own resistance for my ps3, and it sucks.

Salvadore3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

*Scratching head* Wait a minute, where is Orange Box or Bioshock?

Kugar773718d ago

they obviously didnt put enough thought into this...probably took them 5 minutes to think

jollygoodchap83718d ago

I agree, not adding those games is crime. The guy seems to favor online gaming more than single player though, maybe that he left them out. They are both single player games.

But that doesn't explain Orange Box's Team Fortress 2 though :S

FirstknighT3718d ago

If Bioshock isn't in that list than it's crap. BUT I'll agree with Shadowrun. Shadowrun is so much fun and has soooooo many original ideas but I wouldn't put in the top 5.

PimpHandStrong3718d ago

1st knight

but i agree

without bioshock this list is a joke

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The story is too old to be commented.