Here Are Some Brand New Screenshots For The Evil Within

Yesterday saw the release of a live action trailer for Shinji Mikami’s upcoming horror game The Evil Within and today Bethesda has posted a batch of screenshots to the game’s official Tumblr page.

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WorldGamer2059d ago

Maybe it's just me, but this game reminds me a lot of Silent Hill. Not a bad thing by any means.

Should be a great addition to the survival horror batch, good stuff.

stuntman_mike2059d ago

yeah i thought the same. if it plays anything like SH 2 then that will be good enough for me.

Valenka2059d ago

Lord Jesus. This game looks horrifying. I can't wait.

g2gshow2058d ago

im just really interested to hear the game an see how it moves camera wise and atmosphere. i want to feel like i felt in resident evil .being held up with that peaceful music knowing out side head hunters were waiting for me i was held up in the basement safe house scared to come out hearing the running feet of the head hunters every time i step out the door boy did i run i think i had maybe 4 magnum shots left an 2 rocket lunchers that took about a second an a half to shoot o man

Gravitic2059d ago

New, I saw these days ago...

GRamirez2059d ago

They were leaked but only officially released today by Bethesda.

TheOneWhoIsTornApart2059d ago

They put up there site for this game a few days ago and these screenshots were on the site so they are a few days old.

avengers19782059d ago

I want to see this game running at E3. Looks like the new blood gamers need in the survival horror genre.

MasterCornholio2059d ago

Makes Zombi U look like crap.


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The story is too old to be commented.