Nordic Games: “We Were the Only Party That Made an Offer Where THQ was Willing to Sell Darksiders”

You can read all about the Nordic Games acquisition of countless THQ properties by following this link, which is where we also told you of some happenings on the Nordic Games forums, something that continued today.

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TrendyGamers2033d ago

Join me on the dark side.

Wedge192033d ago

From left field, Nordic Games with the win! Hopefully they can do the franchise justice and improve on the awful storyline (read: Massive Fetch quest) that the second game ended up being. I loved the interesting story of the first, but the second one failed to capture my attention in the same way.

sherimae24132033d ago

dark siders, red faction are now owned by nordic games
i hope they handle those games properly or make it better....

maybe in the future nordic games will become a well known publisher along side ubisoft, activision, ea, take two, etc ^_^

BlaqMagiq242033d ago

Don't know why you got disagrees. I would like to see how Nordic handles them too, especially Red Faction. Who knows? Maybe they will turn out better.

dbjj120882033d ago

I guess now former Vigil just didn't care to keep working on Darksiders.

Baka-akaB2033d ago (Edited 2033d ago )

except they manifested interest on developping it . And how could they even show they care ? They dont even exist anymore with madureira gone , and the studios scattered in pieces , with only some hired over crytek .

It's Crytek and the publishers that dropped the ball here

Jek_Porkins2033d ago

It was such a cheap price though, I guess bigger companies just didn't see enough promise in the franchise?

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The story is too old to be commented.