PSU's Top five PlayStation 3 characters thus far

PSU counts down their five favorite PS3 characters.

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PimpHandStrong3230d ago

didnt say a word

so why is he in here

my list goes
1-King Bohan
2-Nathan Drake

yes 3 out of the 5 are from HS but i really enjoyed the story parts of the game alot

BISHOP-BRASIL3229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

Agreed + Bubbles!

Heavenly Sword characters design is great! Just like the animation!

My list would go as:

5 - Nariko (she gets so sarcastic sometimes!)
4 - Dane Cook... Oops, I mean, Nathan Drake
3 - Ratchet
2 - Kai
1 - King Bohan

Genesis53229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

Oh great! My sister made it and I didn't.No livin' with her now.


She would be 6th. But that is a top 5 list...

solar3229d ago

kai is my fav so far. that crazy lil bird!

eddierivera3229d ago

The best mascot list is more than obvious.

1) Kratos
2)Solid Snake
3)Darth Vader ( Timed exclusive in Soul Caliber)

But of course,, Kratos pwns all.

heyheyhey3229d ago

it's about PS3 characters in already released games

GOW3 isn't here yet so you can't count Kratos

he would of course be in a top five "playstation in general" type list

Genesis53229d ago

heyheyhey you're back on this side. Just get back?

heyheyhey3229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )


i never left, i was just banned from the gamer zone for 2 weeks for calling POG hypocrite

EDIT: oh "back on this SIDE" yeah i get it, and yeah i just got back

Genesis53229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

Well welcome back.Your wit has been missed.

I mean on this side of course. And wow saying hypocrite will get you some serious time.

heyheyhey3229d ago


i have an e-fan

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LightningPS33229d ago

It's a waste of a console if you ask me.

Genesis53229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

Then why do you have a PS3 character as your avatar?

iAmPS33229d ago

I know what you like: Queers of War characters!!!!!!!!

Great, I knew it.

LightningPS33229d ago

keep those kinds of pics to yourself. Please...

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