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Heavenly Sword is also becoming a movie

GameZone writes, "Ratchet & Clank isn't the only Sony franchise being made into a movie. Heavenly Sword, a PlayStation 3 exclusive, is also getting a film release, although it will be distributed direct-to-video." (Heavenly Sword, PS3)

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Root  +   859d ago
This would be great as a film....not like Anna Torv isn't busy with FRINGE finished now

Hell she could be working on Heavenly Sword 2 for all we know
Abash  +   859d ago
I think this movie signifies a new Heavenly Sword game is being planned for PS4. I just hope they distinguish it more from God of War with the next game. Also to get more hype for the series, Heavenly Sword should get a PS Vita port
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GT67  +   859d ago
can't imagine what RATCHET AN CLANK movie would be about besides being sucker in by capt. Qwark crapfest.
Anarki  +   858d ago
Heavenly Sword still is one of my favourite games for the PS3.
Deadpool616  +   859d ago
How could their be a Heavenly Sword 2 with Anna Torv reprising her role as Nariko, considering the way Heavenly Sword ended?
Root  +   859d ago
....your joking right

It's a game for starters, it's their story they can make up SOME WAY for her to come back and then you have the fact NT were going to make a sequel where she had to escape hell to get back anyway.
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Deadpool616  +   858d ago
Everything was resolved. What more did Nariko need to do?
Dee_91  +   859d ago
had no clue anna torv played nariko.I hate fox ,fringe deserves atleast 3 more seasons :(
Root  +   859d ago
and a film....it deserves a film

If Firefly can get a film after one series...FRINGE can
Conzul  +   859d ago
Meh. Fringe is like X-Files for dummies.
I couldn't take anymore after the 2nd season.
Dee_91  +   859d ago
albeit a few scientific inaccuracies, the acting and story is top notch.I never watched X-Files because when I was a kid the intro & intro music creeped me out. But I do know it was about aliens and Fringe isnt anywhere in that ballpark.
Yea it def deserves a movie now that the show is done.
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Heavenly Sword is becoming a movie? how bout some trophies first? same for Lair, RFOM, etc.
NastyLeftHook0  +   859d ago
will have to see, this movie has a ton of potential.
Hellsvacancy  +   858d ago
It a straight to video film, it has Uwe Boll written all over it
GribbleGrunger  +   859d ago
Sooooo ... RAC and Heavenly Sword games for the PS4 WITH a movie tie in! I definitely think this is what we are looking at here.
panbit86  +   859d ago
omg please be true!!! A R&C AND a HS game on PS4 would be HEAVEN!!!
MasterCornholio  +   859d ago
And i hope to god that Sony doesn't hand over the project to Ninja Theory. They dont deserve to make a sequel to heavenly sword. But Sony Santa Monica could probably do a great job.
GribbleGrunger  +   859d ago
I'm just wondering you know ... Insomniac have said that it's a low budget movie ... What if Sony will release a channel on Gaikai that caters for the smaller budget movies? A sort of Indie scene for films.
HyperBear  +   859d ago
Well....considering how Gaikai is an exclusive cloud gaming network platform, I don't think so.

You could however make the argument that Sony might release some sort of indie/direct-to-video channel on the PS Store/PSN, as long as those indie films go through Sony first, and more than likely published by Sony Pictures.
Conzul  +   859d ago
No need; I've seen more indie movie titles on the SEN than on Netflix OR Hulu.

It would be great, yes, if Sony started up a model for indie movies based on their new indie game model. A homemade movie channel, if you will. Or something like Niko Niko, but westernized.

edit: I just contradicted myself didn't I? weird day
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Good_Guy_Jamal  +   859d ago
No!! I want HS2 on PS3, HS is still my favorite new IP on the PS3, way underrated in my opinion.
GribbleGrunger  +   859d ago
I can't understand why Sony never re-released it on PSN for £10 with trophies. Why I wonder? It would have flown off the store.
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Kratoscar2008  +   859d ago
Totally agree, the sixaxis control actually felt natural to enhance the gameplay, the game has the best motion capture ever appear in a game (Thanks to Golum). The sword had three gameplay mechanics and were very good.

Nariko is a girl Kratos wouldnt kick out of the bed.
ApolloTheBoss  +   859d ago
> Implying a Heavenly Sword 2 for next-gen?

Would be good if casuals would want to play it after they watch the movie.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   859d ago
> Implying greentext works on n4g
Nodoze  +   859d ago
Anna Torv running around as a red head with skimpy clothing and a transforming sword is FULL OF WIN!!

Please make this happen.

Edit - Never mind it is CG, still good, but not AS good
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Lionalliance  +   859d ago
Please! Sly Cooper Next...2D!
majiebeast  +   859d ago
Sly Cooper cartoon now ffs! After they canceled Green Lantern and Young Justice, Cartoon Network actually needs a cartoon with substance. Or maybe the HUB the only tv channel still showing the good old cartoons and Transformers Prime.
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grifter024  +   859d ago
I don't know if this movie would work. I mean it was good until that last bit, she should have died not gone super saiyan. Entire game is "Oh no watch our you're using the sword that kills you! Stop using it!"....Then we see her go super saiyan for no reason other than the devs not knowing how to not make her die instantly.
Sevir  +   859d ago
super saiyan? lol
You really missed the point. The sword was once wielded by a god, and she used it to protect her village, naturally it has its tolls on a human user, but to defeat the Raven King, she had to call forth the God sealed power in the "Heavenly Sword" to over throw the insurmountable power of the Raven king while she was still human. The sword had mystic godlike powers, the intro movies NT drew up talked about it, So Nariko would naturally unlock its power before she died because she's human.
grifter024  +   858d ago
oh so naturally the sword is sapping her strength and just at the right time she goes demi-god. It was a load of bull, loved the game just that ending killed it for me.

Then we get this whole the sword is going to kill you the entire game and she somehow lives...please.
Summons75  +   859d ago
Why? That game is god awful and has no story or a very poor one at best. Do one on a game that is actually good. Sly cooper, spyro would be interesting as log as its pre sky landers. The devil may cry anime was good and I can see a movie or another show, I've been waiting for a rainbow six movie since I read the book, an smt movie, demon/dark souls could go nicely with a movie, Jak and daxter.
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   859d ago
Nariko is a saint so you shut your pirate whore mouth up!!

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Donnieboi  +   859d ago
I don't know what to think.... I mean, the budget for a movie could have went towards a new game (possibly even a new Heavenly Sword game). Sony made a great comeback, but them spending money on this movie just makes me wonder if it will pay off, ESPECIALLY since it's only a direct-to-video movie, which probably means they'll take in less money than they would have from a theatrical + dvd release combo (but at least a direct-to-video-only release will be less risky).

Maybe i'm reading to much into this. I wish the movie great success no matter what.
Williamson  +   859d ago
I hope if R&C and heavenly sword get sequels they dont share the same plot with the movies. They could maybe adapt the first game of each series into movies, each had great plots.
Samuel_L_Willis  +   859d ago
Forget the movie, make the sequel. SONY boggles my mind sometimes, they greenlight a hundred unwanted ratchet and clank games but can't get HS2 going despite it selling close to if not over 2 million copies.
Snookies12  +   859d ago
It's not exactly up to Sony though... That's an issue with the developers/publishers of the franchise. Be mad at them lol.
Sevir  +   859d ago
Well Sony Owns the HS ip, and it was actually pegged to be a trilogy
HS2 as in preproduction when Tameem took over as Lead of NT and Nina left. And shortly after she left Tameem became mouthy and thus Sony terminated the contract with NT and Sony Kept the rights to the franchise and placed the Ip on the back burner. The game (Heavenly Sword 2) was actually being worked on by SCE Cambridge(Now GG Cambridge) and NT.
Snookies12  +   859d ago
@Sevir - I did not realize that, thanks for the info. :]

Tameem is pretty much the reason I hate NT. That guy is just not a good person... Hearing the way he mocked fans and whatnot was just messed up. Wish they'd replace him.
C-Thunder  +   859d ago
What makes you think those Ratchet games were unwanted? Those are great games.
Kratoscar2008  +   859d ago
Hopefully this movie is just a way to promote Heavenly Sword 2!

I can dream :)


The dev said in an interview (Just when HS was released) that death is not the end in HS universe, they probably were prepared for a sequel with that in mind.
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Z501  +   859d ago
But i already played through & know how the story ends. What's left to tell? Nariko dies/ the end. It's not something like FFVII/Advent Children, where we DON'T know what else happens. This seems like it would be the exact opposite. We know exactly what happens ... and got the rare chance to actually play it out.
dcbronco  +   859d ago
I'm not surprised to hear that console exclusives are being made into movies. The game industry is changing. For all of the talk of Microsoft not concentrating on gaming, this is a sign that Sony is doing nothing different. As usual. Both console makers are doing the same things. Microsoft is making original content for Xbox Live. And this will be a way for Sony to do the same. Both consoles will have original content. Big companies can walk and chew gum at the same time.
dcbronco  +   859d ago
Disagree all you want fanboys. Both consoles will feature most of the same multi-media features.
G20WLY  +   859d ago
Hey friend. Did you know Sony also make movies? This will not detract from their Playstation games, since that is a different business entity (with separate budgets and resources) under the Sony corporation umbrella.

I think this might be why you're getting disagrees, as opposed to "fanboys" hating...

They also make music. Actually they do a whole lot of stuff, other than games. You should google them, it's quite interesting! :)
dcbronco  +   858d ago
I'm getting disagrees because there are a lot of nuts on this site. Sony has a TV/Movie division and so does Microsoft. The problem is that people read selectively. Or remember selectively. My point was both will have the same features mostly and neither company will focus less on gaming because of additional features. They have different business approaches but clowns like to turn it into something else. So they disagree with anything that doesn't fit in their drone world directive. They even disagree when Sony is the one making a statement.
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G20WLY  +   858d ago
When you cast aspersions, you fuel the fire. Not everyone plays those games. If you ignore it it's more dignified in my opinion and you won't come across as bitter (not suggesting you need to be).

In any case, your point read to me like Sony is not concentrating on games, because they're making a movie or two, which is wrong.

If your main point was actually that the two next gen systems will be very similar in terms of multimedia features, you're not only off topic, but deluded too, as you know no more for certain about the Next Box than anyone else claiming to around here.

On topic, I'm intrigued by the HS movie and will rent it on release - some of the characters in that game were brilliant (in terms of design and performance) and it would lend itself well to film, I'd imagine.
pop-voxuli  +   859d ago
Forgive us if we don't hole our breath, tho it would be quite cool!
Magnus  +   859d ago
Release a sequel to the game first
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violents  +   859d ago
"Heavenly Sword, a PlayStation 3 exclusive, is also getting a film release, although it will be distributed direct-to-video."

That means its prob gonna be crap. I wish just once someone would make a movie out of a game series and not screw it up bad. Most of the time the games they choose have an awesome story already but then they chop it up and use a few ideas from the actual storyline and fill the rest with hollywood garbage and crap that scores good in a focus group or the director is not a gamer and just doesnt go the right direction with it.

It makes me scared for GOW and MGS cause I thought yhey were makin movies for those too.
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arbitor365  +   858d ago
they better get Andy Serkis back for it. he was the best part of heavenly sword
iliimaster  +   858d ago
there was something about this game when i played it i enjoyed this game and is on my wall along with my resistance collection

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