Fallout 4 is supposed to be bloody and violent

Product-Reviews writes: There are some games that deserve the higher rating thanks to their extreme gore and violence, which the majority of gamers wouldn’t want any other way, This includes the likes of upcoming games Grand Theft Auto V and Fallout 4, but it seems some people want to see more family-friendly versions of these games.

Fallout 4 more family-friendly - reducing the levels of violence that the game is loved for would “ruin the series”, which is our opinion and that of most fans we’ve spoken to.

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danswayuk2063d ago

I would definitely not buy Fallout 4 if it were made more family friendly.

zeal0us2063d ago

Fallout 4 "Better with Kinect" and now something the whole family can enjoy.

Super mutant now looks more like Hulk Hogan clones
Ghoulies now look like ordinary humans
Mudcrabs now look like Mr.Crabs from Spongebob Squarepants

All guns have been replace with water pistols, all sharp weapons have been replace blow up balloon weapons. Radiant water have been transform into Soda.

I could keep going with this nightmare but I won't.

Detoxx2063d ago

You almost made me cry

grailly2063d ago

people who like their violence won't even start arguing about the subject and diss it like you just did, a shame really.

I don't think anyone has been asking for rainbow colored baby unicorns, just that having the game do slowmo scenes that follow an eye bouncing around is rather useless.

bambooman5842063d ago


You say the eye is rather useless but I found the black humor and overall fiction of that scene more than enjoyable. It's the silly over the top violence that makes the fallout series so awesome. Case and point: Bloody Mess perk.

grailly2063d ago

As I said in a comment bellow, I really enjoy the dark humor, the moral violence in fallout feels good enough, and it's fun. The graphical violence really didn't work with me. Maybe it did at first and after 200 hours I got sick of it, I'm not sure.

I don't mind the bloody mess perk at all, it's the player's choice after all if he wants to see guts flying everywhere.

TheSurg2063d ago

Skyrim was pretty cool with Kinect tho. Worked great for me eventho english is not my first language.

jsslifelike2062d ago


Generally, I'd agree with you about the over-the-top violence. It's funny at first, but is ultimately valueless. That being said, firing a Garden Gnome out of the Rock-it Launcher and watching the impact NEVER got old for me. 8)

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ATi_Elite2063d ago

Ever wonder why GTA, Fallout, Elder Scrolls do HUGE numbers?

Cause they appeal to CORE Gamers who have to wait years to get a time consuming, top quality, Gore and Violence packed SP game.

Do not make Fallout 4 family friendly with some old Kinect/Wiiu pad/PS move CRAP with Pixie dust popping out instead of Blood.

actually make it more violent.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

"actually make it more violent."

I remember walking into a raider hideout once and seeing decapitated people hung from the ceiling.

I remember slicing people into pieces with a chainsaw :P I also remember nuking an entire city. Can the really make it anymore violent than that? lol

jsslifelike2062d ago

How the hell could having your WiiU Gamepad as a Pip-Boy not be part of the cool-factor? Oh, gawd- wait a minute. A special WiiU bundle with an actual Pip-Boy colored/themed pad? *drool*

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DaThreats2063d ago

There will be more blood..

ZodTheRipper2062d ago (Edited 2062d ago )

The more blood the better in a Fallout game.

Root2063d ago

Hopefully Fallout 4 will be as viloent as the others

I just wish they would take a risk and let us kill anything...I hated Mayor Macreedy in Fallout 3, when he said "One more step and I'll blow your f****** head off" I was like "B**** please" then I pulled my rifle out, aimed into his head, pulled the trigger and....nothing.....and that my friends is when I found out they had made it so you couldn't kill them. Age shouldn't matter in games like this where it's free roam and you get to decide who lives and dies, you know how many great quests would open up if you were allowed to kill them......mothers/fathers seeking revenge, make it so your more careful in the world and try to make you pay for your mistakes.

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vallencer2062d ago

They'll never let you kill kids. It's always been very taboo and always will be. To be honest I think that if you want to kill kids in video games you have some serious problems. I personally don't care if I can't kill kids.

Now I do wish they'd let you kill all adults even if they are important. I think they should just make the really important ones extremely hard to kill. But if you can successfully do it then who cares.

But on topic I don't think they should make it more family friendly. However that being said I think they should add a filter in the game like some of the call of duty games do. By adding a filter you've just increased sales because if parents find out a filter is in the game they typically don't have a problem buying it.

vallencer2062d ago

It's a shame you send me a PM but you won't let me respond. Holding conversations with you isn't fun cause its one sided so here this is my response to you sir.

See negativity right there haha. Look to be honest with you I my seem immature you're right but it's the internet and i don't know any of you people so i really don't care. But also they can be your views/criticism all you want but it doesn't change the fact that they are still negative.

I have views and criticism but i try to be polite and look on the bright side of things. Yes there is a possibility that things will suck for each game that comes out but until i know more and see more about a game i keep the negative criticism to myself. I don't just assume that something is going to be bad. I give things a chance.

So if you must call me a sheep because i don't voice my opinion in a negative fashion or because i try to give things a chance thats fine. But since you're the one name calling i feel you're more immature than i am :). Also you really need to learn the difference between your and you're you mess that up a lot.

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ApolloTheBoss2063d ago

The V.A.T.S. system was the greatest thing ever made. Nothing like using a powerglove to punch a guy head clean off.

Eyeco2063d ago

It never got old, especially with the bloody mess perk.

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