The Daily Five: Games You Should Stop Waiting For

"Here are five more upcoming games that, frankly, we’re becoming less excited about with each passing day." - Joe Garcia

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ApolloTheBoss2060d ago

No. Prey 2 I will NEVER stop waiting for. That game looks way too good to let go. Same goes for B G&E

Roccetarius2060d ago

The question is, will Bethesda show off Prey 2 at E3? ;)

Serjikal_Strike2060d ago (Edited 2060d ago )

I'm surprised The Last Guardian isn't on the list.
@below: my bad, didn't notice it had more than one page

2060d ago
MikeyDucati12060d ago

Prey 2. What can be said? It's like that series has a curse on it or something. The first one was caught in dev limbo for ages it seems. Then you have Prey 2, which goes in different direction with a new protagonist (I want Tommy!!). I'm really not sure. Prey turned out alright but I don't like this new story they are offering on Prey 2.

user76939582060d ago

miracles happen ... Duke Nuken Forever is proof of it!
TLG is in a special place and I hope someday to be able to play it but I feel Sony has been fooling us with it.. I hope I'm wrong and I'm playing this baby soon.

Crazay2060d ago

If I had to accept any of those games under Duke Nukem pretenses, I'd gladly see them stuck in development hell. Nukem was a flaming turd of monumental proportions.

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