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Codemasters seeks over $1m from THQ, Double Fine $595,000

Microsoft, Konami and Sony Pictures also reportedly owed money as THQ's debt is detailed. (Industry, Microsoft, PC, PS3, Sony, THQ, Xbox 360)

Trunkz Jr  +   610d ago
CM are D.bags for trying to make money off of the OFP name and failing horribly, I mean really who releases a game without CD keys so pirates can play with payed copies...
MooseWI  +   610d ago
Money is money. If you owe the money, big business will want the money in some way shape or form, even though THQ was a sinking ship.
f789790  +   610d ago
Stardock does. Sort of.

You don't HAVE to put in the key unless you want updates.
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Root  +   610d ago
Well we all know whats going to happen here

Samuel_L_Willis   610d ago | Trolling | show
dcbronco  +   610d ago
I think bankruptcies are handled poorly with corporations. I think that instead of selling IP to others for next to nothing, the IP should have been valued and handed over to the people who were owed money. It like when a big corporations goes out of business and the 25 million jet gets sold for 4 million. It would be better for a bankruptcy company to lease the plane to a jet rental company and have the money pay back the people owed money. A nice building can be leased and used to pay people. They will now own a part of a different business.
legend911  +   610d ago
Leasing a jet may or may not take a while to earn back, who knows? But I know darn well that a $25m jet is worth more than $4m.
dcbronco  +   610d ago
If you invested in a company you weren't expecting to get all of your money at once. It was to grow over time. Being a part of a leasing company would most likely bring a better return than the initial investment. The reason so many never get their money back when a bankruptcy takes place is because 25 million dollar planes get sold fore 4 million. If it was a short-term investment you could have the option of being bought out for your money.
chasegarcia  +   609d ago
It is an auction. If the highest bid for a plane that retailed at 25m is 4m. The plane is worth 4m.
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TheUndertaker85  +   610d ago
... You want companies to be handed over IPs that they may not want or be able to handle? Seems like that might be much, much worse for the business.

Besides. This is all chump change compared to what THQ owes to Vince McMahon.

dcbronco  +   610d ago
That isn't a direct loss. They don't owe them 45 million. He wants to get paid for the entire deal even though all of the games won't be made. I would bet that even if McMahon got that 45 million he would still expect any company taking over the license to pay a fee for it. So it's really a joke. He found some clowns willing to over pay for his license and now he wants all of it.

My response to Vince is that it was fake money just like your product.

But some of those IPs had value. They could be kept in a trust that would license them to a developer for a share of any profits. It wouldn't be hard for anyone to re-coup the money if they are smart about how they do it.
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takohma  +   610d ago
Imagine if suckerpunch got prototype that could have been the great game it was supposed to be living up to its full potential. Or they couldve mixed the universe together.
Whitefeather  +   610d ago
Prototype is Activision's IP.
Lighter9  +   610d ago
You forgot to read the word, "Imagine." He said IMAGINE if Suckerpunch got Prototype... Apparently, 2 other people misread that as well.
Chris558  +   610d ago
No please prototype is mediocre at it's best would held back the excellent infamous franchise all i remember after playing both prototypes yellow cabs yellow cabs everywhere and boring long and easy boss battles
MikeyDucati1  +   610d ago
The first Prototype was fun. And uh, if you've been to NY in the central parts, you would see cabs everywhere. And if inFamous is excellent then how could it hold back that franchise? Obviously inFamous took some cues from Prototype when they introduced the sequel. inF2 was not as much as a crawl as the first one was. Powers were given at every turn, just like Prototype. I felt more of a bad ass in Prototype than I did in the first inFamous. That feeling didn't come till near the end of the game.
Chris558  +   610d ago
You mean in NY only cabs exist? because in prototype they were lazy as fuck and only put them in maybe i saw one police car in the whole game ,,open world,, haha
pop-voxuli  +   610d ago
Good luck, that lemons already been squeezed dry and thrown away.
TBONEJF  +   610d ago
CM games sucks anyway don't see how they even want that much money from other companies
kupomogli  +   610d ago
So seems to me THQ was being driven into the ground for quite some time now. If you look at the sales of their games, it's really hard to see where they lost so much money at, or where they even lost money at all. Except for Darksiders 2, which was released after they already stated bankruptcy, everything they've released in the past two years has sold well.

Seems some mismanagement of their money is what caused them to go bankrupt. So more rich people out there while our economy goes even further to hell.

The CEO, who also owns Naughty Dog is asking for $10 million. For what? Did you not get your weekly, bi weekly, monthly paychecks? Sounds to me someone is trying to get even more money. Hell. You own Naughty Dog. Stop trying to put us even more in debt.

The weight of the company ultimately falls on the CEOs shoulders, and while you came in late to the game, it's essentially you're problem to fix. Or is becoming a company CEO when the company is about to go bankrupt, knowing you're going to get millions in the end the in thing now? Look up the amount of money the last Blockbuster CEO got before they announced bankruptcy.

It's like people work these contracts out that offer the new CEO a ridiculous amount of money to try and bring the company out of debt, money the company doesn't have, the CEO takes the job and shortly after they go bankrupt anyways. Sounds kind of fishy honestly.
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