A Turn 10 Introduction - New Forza 2 DLC

Forza Motorsport 2 will have a 13 vehicle DLC pack coming on 3/19! The pack will sell for 400 points.

The full car list of the autos included will be published on Monday. Until then, go here to watch the exclusive video and check out the rides on display.

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creeping judas3724d ago

i didn't mind paying 400 ms points for a track, but 400 for new cars is a little too much.

kevlar3724d ago

Glad I'm not the only one thinking that way. I just don't get why they think adding more and more cars to a game does anything, it doesn't for me, there are plenty of cars already. For me its all about the tracks. To get me to play a game longer just sell me more tracks, I've bought cars in the past for a few driving games and found they add nothing to my enjoyability and lastability of the game. I'd try each new car once then thats it, back on the shelf.

etownone3724d ago

couldn't agree more/

more tracks!!!

but still getting the update.

Strife Lives3724d ago

Ur charging us for what u shouldve had in 4rm the start ! i just dnt get T10. I hated the fact that gran turismo always had more jap cars than any other nation.instead of beating that, T10 decided to add too many U.S Cars ! So many Viper and Corvette race cars ! ! They wasted our time then,and nw offer DLC. I want more euro cars ! ! ! Nt enuf merces,audis,bmws, damit,mercedes and bmw have cars that own half the U.S car list in the game with half their displacement. Really,they nd to make DLC for FM2 free.seeming as al ths shouldve bn in in anyway.or,hurry up and make Forza 3.with incar view

level 3603723d ago

Bye bye already Forza2... pity it could'nt offer in-car view.

A bit of a waste of time putting in more cars, when what it really needs is in-car cam and more tracks.

Just look at it - you're going to be using "pavement view" anyways to fully experience so-called "simulation" but definitely you won't be getting is "stimulation"...

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