9 year old's Kickstarter campaign gets funded, 'Truth and Trolls' set for July release

Today, Susan Wilson spoke of the project's surplus funding, and how it won't be fully accounted for "until the game's completion", as well its on-going commitment to supporting young artists.

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majiebeast2060d ago

Woman can go FUUU herself she is 1 big conartist and only the biggest morons fell for it.

sdozzo2060d ago

Wow. KickStart My College Loans.

majiebeast2060d ago

Nah its more like, kickstarter fund my lifestyle while i use gender issues to trick morons into giving me money.

just-joe2059d ago

Ah, so the Anita Sarkeesian route.

Roccetarius2060d ago

Kickstarter is getting more and more sad each day.

Moncole2060d ago

I hope the woman goes bankrupt.

gigoran2059d ago

This really pushes my buttons.