EA has the chance to make the best UFC game yet

It's nearly been a year since EA first announced the acquisition of the UFC license from the (at the time) struggling-to-survive THQ. Since then we've not heard much about what EA Sports plans to do with the license, except that a game is being worked on by the Fight Night team at EA Canada. This is significant because EA Tiburon handled things the last time the publisher attempted to delve into the sport of mixed martial arts.

So what does this mean? Well, it means that EA is taking things a lot more seriously this time and putting its best team on the case. The Fight Night games were superb and there are features that could be taken from that series to make this the best UFC game yet. Here are the big changes and features we want to see.

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ZainabSaccal2059d ago

With all due respect but I think this is a game for idiots, people thrown in a cage punching and kicking the living soul out of one another, to win what? Money, fame and a title. and on the way they lose their health!! such a stupid game

nerdkiller2059d ago

do you hate the sport or the game thats not out yet?

xruiner892059d ago

Completely ignorant, this isn't bare-knuckle unsanctioned street fights.

Yodagamer2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

Like every other sports there are rules put in place to keep people save, every other sport be it football, boxing, soccer, or baseball all have risks. There were times where what you said would have been legit, but that was before laws and rules passed.

ZainabSaccal2058d ago

Check again, I agree, each sport/game has it is own risks, but when it comes to MMA the risks are much higher, the opponent is ALLOWED to punch the face and the head, check the stats to see how many suffered from concussion and severe head trauma, running after a ball or bouncing one has less effect on health.

pompombrum2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

With all due respect but I think you are an idiot. Complete ignorance to the sport to the point where you refer to it as a game.

ZainabSaccal2058d ago

With all due respect, i think YOU are an idiot for feeling offended of an opinion that I made about a game or a sport... grow a thicker skin

theDECAY2059d ago

Tell us how you really feel.

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Anthotis2059d ago

"EA has the chance to make the best UFC game yet"

...with the worst DRM imaginable.

pompombrum2059d ago

Lol you'll get TUF matches where all the team's fighters will be like "ONE MORE ROUND ONE MORE ROUND" and then you'll get a pop up notification asking if you want to play one more round followed by a mandatory microtransaction charge.

2059d ago
shammgod2059d ago

If EA makes it, it will be out of the box with two fighters and the rest will be DLC. Online pass and custom fighter creator not included

haggishurler2059d ago

That is what gamers love!

ChipChipperson2059d ago

Don't forget annual releases for eternity.

redgr812059d ago

UFC 3 Undisputed was pretty good, the online sucked. EA is gonna screw this up royally there is not chance this game will be good.

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