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The threats facing voice actors in video games

Clickonline writes: "Voice acting used to be exactly what the name implies; actors would book a job, spend a long session recording lines and clips (often with no idea what they were connected to), and then went on their merry way to another gig. However, a new precedent has been set, which is only being realised now after several high profile casualties. Voice actors now have to do more than simply voice a part; they must act the part too." (Beyond: Two Souls, Ellen Page, L.A. Noire, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

christian hour  +   525d ago
So now they have two things to fear; this (performance capture/mo-cap)...and Nolan North being every main character ever, or at least several NPC's. Dark times for voice actors indeed, at least there's always hand drawn animation to fall back on.
rezzah  +   525d ago
This is important news, and those who pay attention to the gaming industry should read this.

This is foreshadowing the creation of games, and its effect on those who would normally bring life to characters.

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