New Final Fantasy X/X2 HD Remaster scan

A brand new scan of Final Fantasy X/X2 HD Remaster has emerged from Jump.

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sinncross1974d ago

Cool, really looking forward to having FFX on the go!

insomnium21974d ago

One new scan is newswrthy now? Look I want this game almost as much as the next man but one scan that doesn't really even show us anything? Got my hopes up for nothing.....sigh...

LightSamus1974d ago

If you're not interested, don't look. Relax.

DragonKnight1974d ago

There's no way to know that it's just one scan without looking. So he's interested, but he wanted more.

k2d1974d ago

This made us any wiser, how exactly?

sherimae24131974d ago

so many vita games that will release from summer to fall...
tsk.. i dont have that extra cash to buy all of them....
(dragons crown, ff x/x-2 hd, ys, killzone m, tearaway, jak & daxter collections,
muramasa, valhalla knights 3, and there are also some indies and pretty sure there is still more coming after e3!)
i think i need to loan...

@insomnium2 almost every comment you make is all about whining

imXify1974d ago

I don't see the word "Vita" on this scan :/
Maybe on another page I dunno

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The story is too old to be commented.