Microsoft employees: We're working on the next-gen Xbox

Multiple current and former Microsoft employees have disclosed details about their work on the company's unannounced next-generation Xbox on their online CVs.

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Hellsvacancy1675d ago (Edited 1675d ago )

Can you see me facepalm?

Army_of_Darkness1674d ago

This my friends explains why they still have a job there.......

Hydrolex1674d ago

Someone post a picture of that owl that goes O'reiily ?

zeee1674d ago

Oh my god! Omg! They are working on the next Xbox? Omg!? Really? This is so very surprising! Who could have thought? It's not like as if everyone knew this already right? Oh wait...

BattleAxe1674d ago

"Microsoft employees: We're working on the next-gen Xbox"

Wow, there's some serious hype behind the new Xbox....

badz1491674d ago

This news even makes Captain Obvious himself embarrased!

Heisenburger1674d ago

The owls.... are not what they seem.

RyuCloudStrife1674d ago

this would have been news in 2010

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nukeitall1674d ago

It is obviously not surprising that employees work on this, but I think more of a news is the "real-time 3D [user-generated content]-stitched world".

Good_Guy_Jamal1674d ago

Obviously - not suprising. Hehehe, redundancy for the win!

creeping judas1674d ago

A dyslexic spells it D.O.G.

darren_poolies1674d ago

I used to believe in God till I realised it was just dog spelled backwards.

stuntman_mike1674d ago

I used to believe in God till i took a Dog to the knee.

3-4-51674d ago

We all did the same thing....we understand

AngelicIceDiamond1674d ago

MS slowly making progress, indeed.

1674d ago
LakerGamerEnthusiast1674d ago

I'm going to be straight forward with you all, I just came for the comments.

And it was a Thrill reading them all. ;D

hellztourguide4201674d ago

It's like me saying "I'm going to take a shit sometime this week"

Zeniix1674d ago

This deserves more then a facepalm

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TheLyonKing1675d ago

I think this is a contender for the most obvious piece of news of the year.

Knight_Crawler1675d ago

This and the other article about Sony knowing the release date for the PS4 are both worthy of the title.

Good_Guy_Jamal1674d ago

I don't know, I was like "great detective work there SONY, how'd you find out before the rest of us??" with that article.

christian hour1674d ago

I was under the impression I was going to have to tell them the price myself, was good to know they figured it out themselves, and this is just CRAZY news, a new xbox?! No way!? Whats next? Sarcasm on the internet?! Not likely.

Relientk771674d ago

^agree with both of those

also any news story saying that a new Call of Duty for 2013 is confirmed lol

Zezo1675d ago

no way.. i don't even...