8 of the best game intros of all time – opening moments that lasted forever

OPM: Some games are built off their intro – surprise, action, checking if you invert the Y-axis. Done with skill a game’s opening moments can set the tone for the next 8-10 hours. Here are a selection of PlayStation’s most memorable beginnings.

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Root1731d ago

No Final Fantasy 8...come on

Nerdmaster1731d ago

Final Fantasy VIII's opening is way more a trailer (with way more spoilers than it should have) than an opening. So I guess it can't really be considered a game intro.

If they ever do a FFVIII remake, I hope they remake the trailer. I mean, opening.

DragonKnight1731d ago

It's not a trailer, and I don't think that split seconds of screens from in the game that you're about to play are spoilers. You don't know what those screens mean at all, you don't even know if they are actually a part of what you're going to be playing. Clearly you have no understanding of what FFVIII's opening is.

Nerdmaster1731d ago

An opening scene is supposed to start the story, not show random scenes from the entire game. What's the point in showing Rinoa having an interest in Seifer for half the game if the freking opening scene showed that she'll be with Squall in the end?

DragonKnight1731d ago

There's no way to know that that's the case, and the focus of the opening is the battle between Squall and Seifer anyway. All those scenes are split second and most forget about them once they start playing the game.

Qrphe1731d ago

I agree but most of these trailers are from this last gen. It's like it was their first generation playing games.

Anthotis1731d ago

Soul Blade 1 should be on that list.

Epic intro.

Anthotis1731d ago (Edited 1731d ago )

Oh, and Devil May Cry 1.

...dunno why i didn't just edit my first post.

ILive1731d ago

And dmc 3 as well. The fight between dante and virgil was amazing.

Nerdmaster1731d ago

The best game intro ever was from Indigo Prophecy. It was heart jumping and different from any game I ever played.