Fallout 4: Speculation

We've been teased, mislead and outright blanked about the release of Fallout 4. So when will this game ever come to be and what can we expect it to be like?

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Hellsvacancy1695d ago

MS will show a teaser at E3, mark my words

josephayal1695d ago

I think Fallout 4 would be my most anticipated game for years if it gets announced

barb_wire1695d ago

Unless it's teased at E3.. Bethesda might be waiting until 2014 for FO4.. Elder Scrolls Online and The Evil Within seem what they're focused on.

Hope I'm wrong though.. I want FO4, in fact replaying FO3 again right now.

FRA851695d ago

l've heard absolutely nothing about this game either officially or credible rumors so not that i doubt a new fallout will come someday is there any evidence that one is actually in development?

i think we're long over due a fallout game loved 3 but new vagas kept freezing every half an hour and ruined it for me but still looking forward to a new one.

_-EDMIX-_1695d ago

Bethesda didn't make New Vegas, job listings for Fallout 4 actually leaked out it was not only being made but that the city would be Boston....

Krosis1695d ago

Well Bethesda stated that their "next big project" from Todd Howards crew was at a stage now that requires the whole teams attention and are subsequently done with Skyrim DLC. I believe it's safe to assume that this project is indeed Fallout 4. Based on the fact that only NOW does their next big project require all hands on deck one can safely assume the game is not going to release until 2014.

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