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Submitted by maxsterling 952d ago | opinion piece

Religion, Sex, and Violence In Video Games. Where Do YOU Draw The Line?

Sometimes there something within a game that really gets to us… (Culture)

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Yi-Long  +   952d ago | Well said
I don't draw ANY lines...
I'm against censorship. If something seems/feels unappealing to me, for whatever reason, I just vote with my wallet, and that's the way it should be for everyone.
Scenarist  +   952d ago
exactly! .. . I see why you have so many bubbles
Donnieboi  +   952d ago
yeah if no one demands that movies draw a line, then why would games draw a line?

We have a rating system for a reason. Kids should stick to kid games.
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Kurt Russell  +   952d ago
Captain Qwark 9  +   952d ago
exactly what i was gonna say lol nothing offends me anyway, everyone is an individual, everyone is going to have different views, interest, taste, religions and beliefs, etc.... the sooner people realize not everyone is like them the better off in life they will be.
nirwanda  +   952d ago
There are aways lines that shouldn't be crossed even films get regularly censored.
How would you feel about your charactor rapeing a child in a game for instance while making her/him watching his/her parent's being skined alive.

I don't think anyone would want to see that in a game but censorship and boundaries would prevent it from ever happening.
Filmmakers are given guidelines what will and won't get through the rating system and though time these guidelines have become less ridged and the same will happen with games.
Yi-Long  +   952d ago
How would I feel!?
I would feel such a game would be horrible, so I wouldn't buy it. And I expect many MANY people would feel the same way and also wouldn't buy it. Which is why, most likely, such games won't be made, cause it just doesn't sound appealing, and thus it would be stupid to invest money into it and release it.

Do I believe such a game should be forbidden, banned, censored, whatever!? No. I don't believe in censorship.
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BX81  +   951d ago
Not every game fully discolses all it's twists. So you might actually invest in a game that ends up offending you. As far as someone believing a game that involves child rape or any rape shouldn't be censored is just sick.
Yi-Long  +   951d ago
"As far as someone believing a game that involves child rape or any rape shouldn't be censored is just sick."

There are TV-shows where someone gets raped. Those aren't censored. There are movies where someone gets raped. Those aren't censored. There are books where someone gets raped. Those aren't censored.

So why exactly do YOU feel videogames SHOULD be censored, if it portrayed rape in it!?

Not to mention the fact that you probably have absolutely NO problem with shooting someone in the face in a videogame with a shotgun or rocketlauncher, or sniping someone in the balls, or kicking someone from a big building, or whatever...

If there's stuff I disagree with or don't care about, I don't buy such a videogame. The same way I choose not to buy certain books or decide not to watch certain movies.

Doesn't mean I feel MY MORAL VALUES should be forced upon others by demanding a ban or censorship or whatever. Ofcourse not. And no-one should be forcing THEIR moral values upon me.
nirwanda  +   951d ago
Law is a form of censorship, do you believe there should be no laws against anything.
ReubenPatrick  +   951d ago
So much win in one comment. Kudos
PopRocks359  +   952d ago
I'm inline with the first comment. I believe in freedom of expression as well. However, if there's subject matter that I don't particularly care for (such as Dead Island's crappy trailer involving an emotional scene that had nothing to do with the actual game), then I simply choose to turn the other cheek.
astar123456789  +   952d ago
We don't draw any lines they are games!
RuleofOne343  +   952d ago
PopRocks359 & Yi-Long , I agree with both their comments .
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sway_z  +   952d ago
There is no line....this is narrative.

Narrative's have no lines to draw or cross.

Imagine if Books had a line? ...People want to be awed, surprised, shocked and jolted.

The suspension of belief is what makes narrative so comprehensively compelling.

Totally ;)
Anthotis  +   952d ago
I draw a line at sissies whining and raging on twitter and their pathetic blogs about Lara's boobs being to big, how games possess children with the devil, and who want to see characters in games be anything but white.

Censorship and libtardism is what needs to be stomped out.
catch  +   952d ago
The irony in your comment is pretty hilarious. Essentially "censorship and people who say things I disagree with should be stomped out!"
ExCest  +   952d ago
I draw the line at sexual and violent religion.
Hufandpuf  +   952d ago
I won't buy if there is blatant racism that is not related to the plot. Also if children being killed is shown.

People have freedom of speech, but that doesn't mean I have to listen to them or give them my support.
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Megaplaynate  +   952d ago
Murdering children in games is too much, I'm also against rape in any form of media but since movies don't have any problems with that, then I don't know what to think.
jackwei22  +   952d ago
There is reason why games are certified 18+ M for mature which is meant for adults or for those with the sense that a video game is fictional!!
delboy  +   952d ago
Because its a game everything is allowed, don't think so, I disagree.
Jek_Porkins  +   952d ago
They are just video games for entertainment purposes, I remember when I played the first Assassins Creed game and I was telling my older brother about it, he went on to kind of lecture me about how blasphemous it was and all of this kind of stuff, so I mean I explained to him that it was a video game and it was made up by people of various religious backgrounds.

I then kind of proved my point by pointing out that he didn't think Thor was blasphemous even though he is "The God Of Thunder".

So I think I don't draw lines, if I think something is too bad for me personally I just wont play it, but I'm against censorship 100%.
NastyLeftHook0  +   952d ago
if someone is not mature enough to accept that people have other views on how they live there life it shows ignorance. and in my opinion entertainment has nothing to do with real life.

i like darwins theory and believe we live in a real hostile world where the better species will defeat ignorance and outnumber them. now i say that because i see many people in the past who actually made a difference in the world where the forum dwellers will merely sit and complain all day having done 0%

The mods for instance hacked into my account and reset my avatars when i had one that offended very anal people.

the truth
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flyingmunky  +   952d ago
I don't know that Darwin's theory applies to our society at the present time. I've seen too many people register for a disability because they are lazy and dishonest. Or how about the people who live off of their kids? Food stamps, welfare, and wic; there are too many programs that aid the incompetent. A few families need it but most take advantage of it.

For Darwin's theory of evolution to apply you actually have to have the strong surviving to pass on genes and the weak dying off before they can reproduce.
urwifeminder  +   952d ago
On a piece of paper with a ruler is where I draw the line.
Neko_Mega  +   952d ago
Ok, what I don't get it. Is it is ok for movies and tv shows to have, but when video games have it. Oh heaven forbidden they cross the line.

-_- To me, like some has said here, if you don't want to see or your kids to see/play it. THEN DON'T BUY IT!!!! Simple as that.
The Meerkat  +   952d ago
There is only so much that can be done with lines in the art world.
mamotte  +   952d ago
Just when I quit the eyes off the screen, I recognize that I cant do things my common sense (A useful superpower) tell me not to do. That's the only line I need.
thehitman  +   952d ago
The way I feel about those things if it doesnt directly influence your way of thinking than they are ok. If the game is like not trying to brainwash you to go against your beliefs or forcing you to think a certain way then who cares. Pertaining to the vid I can understand where the person playing couldnt go ahead with being baptized if it was against his religious beliefs do I think he shouldve got a refund idk that would be a touchy subject but more power to steam for honoring his beliefs. Ya the game is a violent game your killing etc but every religion has had violence and killing associated with it, but it is a more a direct conflict to do an action completely against your core belief.

I believe for future reference that if there are things pertaining to specific actions within religions are happening in games there should be a warning this game may cause conflict w/ religious beliefs on the box to cover their bases.
Rupee  +   952d ago
Why would Booker's baptism conflict with that persons own beliefs? In no way was the player being baptized. You were along for the ride while the protagonist was baptized. I personally think murder is wrong (surprise surprise) but that doesn't mean I'm guilty of murder when I kill people in a video game.
thehitman  +   952d ago
Why would it conflict with that person's beliefs? Ask that person just because you dont think it would or should doesnt mean it doesnt. Your opinion is not his and he is entitled to his own beliefs he was raised and brought up with. I dont know what that person's religion was but some religions are more strict when it comes to certain areas and that couldve triggered something with him. Like I said in my last sentence it doesn't hurt to just put a warning label when those things are happening in the game to avoid situations like this.

Perfect example is how prayer was taken out of schools because it conflicted w/ other peoples beliefs. Everyone wasnt forced to but just because it was there it was taken out completely.
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Dirtnapstor  +   952d ago
I get your point, but forget the "warning labels"... Really? If someone is going to be offended by religious inferences, then more than likely all the blood, gore, language, sex, and general violence will push them away initially anyway. If not, how are going to argue their tenants of faith without misrepresenting their faith? One does not have to agree, but is there really a need to bock and shun? Standing up for yourself and your personal beliefs is important; but not at the cost of dragging everyone else through the mud, yes?
thehitman  +   952d ago
I dont see how its dragging anyone down, I think people are over interpreting my point or what this guy did. The guy didnt protest against the game and shun it nor do I find anything wrong with the game for what is in it anyway. Blood, gore, language, and violence are not automatically against religious beliefs if your christian theres actually nothing in the commandments against that. Sex ya but there isnt much sex in games anyway the very few which wasnt the case in this game. There have been lots of wars etc within the history of different religions that validate violence and there still are whether people agree with it or not. The main point of the vid was what is your "too much point" which anyone with some moral standards has. If you dont than I question your mental stability. That guy obviously hit a point and just decided he didnt want to continue playing and returned it. Didnt infringe on everyone elses right to play it in anyway and steam was kind enough to respect his belief if they didnt I wouldnt find them in wrong either I just think it was nice of them. If companies dont want to refund people for those type of things put warning labels and there problem never happens again.
Dan50  +   952d ago
Games are free speech. There is no limit!
Hazmat13  +   952d ago
dcbronco  +   952d ago
As long as the rating of the game is appropriate there are no lines. There are offensive things in every other form of media. Games shouldn't limit themselves. It relays a sense of games still being just for children.
Stefanrules7  +   952d ago
I draw the line at brutal rape, other than that everything is ok.
Dirtnapstor  +   952d ago
Censorship can lead to the demise of free thinking. Although individuals should be able to speak, write, etc., freely, people need to remember what TACT is.
Games and whatnot are a fictional medium that portrays real life, or variations of it. Society does not need a 'thought police' to begin regulating at the whims of the offended. Because eventually, it will come back and bite you.
I agree with the "voting with your wallet..."; if you don't like it, move on!
TheoreticalParticle  +   952d ago
I don't want any religious sex or violent sex in my games. That's where I draw the line.

I wouldn't mind seeing a few more games where a religion is in the game, and isn't the obviously evil organization from the beginning, but that's more because it's really tired as a plot point.
Spacemagic  +   951d ago
You could kill children in Fallout 2...which would brand you a child killer and strong bounty hunters would stalk you the rest of the game (very strong)

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