Religion, Sex, and Violence In Video Games. Where Do YOU Draw The Line?

Sometimes there something within a game that really gets to us…

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Yi-Long1977d ago

I'm against censorship. If something seems/feels unappealing to me, for whatever reason, I just vote with my wallet, and that's the way it should be for everyone.

Scenarist1977d ago

exactly! .. . I see why you have so many bubbles

Donnieboi1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

yeah if no one demands that movies draw a line, then why would games draw a line?

We have a rating system for a reason. Kids should stick to kid games.

Captain Qwark 91976d ago

exactly what i was gonna say lol nothing offends me anyway, everyone is an individual, everyone is going to have different views, interest, taste, religions and beliefs, etc.... the sooner people realize not everyone is like them the better off in life they will be.

nirwanda1976d ago

There are aways lines that shouldn't be crossed even films get regularly censored.
How would you feel about your charactor rapeing a child in a game for instance while making her/him watching his/her parent's being skined alive.

I don't think anyone would want to see that in a game but censorship and boundaries would prevent it from ever happening.
Filmmakers are given guidelines what will and won't get through the rating system and though time these guidelines have become less ridged and the same will happen with games.

Yi-Long1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

I would feel such a game would be horrible, so I wouldn't buy it. And I expect many MANY people would feel the same way and also wouldn't buy it. Which is why, most likely, such games won't be made, cause it just doesn't sound appealing, and thus it would be stupid to invest money into it and release it.

Do I believe such a game should be forbidden, banned, censored, whatever!? No. I don't believe in censorship.

BX811976d ago

Not every game fully discolses all it's twists. So you might actually invest in a game that ends up offending you. As far as someone believing a game that involves child rape or any rape shouldn't be censored is just sick.

Yi-Long1976d ago

"As far as someone believing a game that involves child rape or any rape shouldn't be censored is just sick."

There are TV-shows where someone gets raped. Those aren't censored. There are movies where someone gets raped. Those aren't censored. There are books where someone gets raped. Those aren't censored.

So why exactly do YOU feel videogames SHOULD be censored, if it portrayed rape in it!?

Not to mention the fact that you probably have absolutely NO problem with shooting someone in the face in a videogame with a shotgun or rocketlauncher, or sniping someone in the balls, or kicking someone from a big building, or whatever...

If there's stuff I disagree with or don't care about, I don't buy such a videogame. The same way I choose not to buy certain books or decide not to watch certain movies.

Doesn't mean I feel MY MORAL VALUES should be forced upon others by demanding a ban or censorship or whatever. Ofcourse not. And no-one should be forcing THEIR moral values upon me.

nirwanda1976d ago

Law is a form of censorship, do you believe there should be no laws against anything.

ReubenPatrick1976d ago

So much win in one comment. Kudos

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PopRocks3591977d ago

I'm inline with the first comment. I believe in freedom of expression as well. However, if there's subject matter that I don't particularly care for (such as Dead Island's crappy trailer involving an emotional scene that had nothing to do with the actual game), then I simply choose to turn the other cheek.

astar1234567891977d ago

We don't draw any lines they are games!

RuleofOne343 1977d ago (Edited 1977d ago )

PopRocks359 & Yi-Long , I agree with both their comments .

sway_z1977d ago

There is no line....this is narrative.

Narrative's have no lines to draw or cross.

Imagine if Books had a line? ...People want to be awed, surprised, shocked and jolted.

The suspension of belief is what makes narrative so comprehensively compelling.

Totally ;)

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