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God of War vs. Gears of War - The Results - IGN Versus

We asked which was your favorite and now here are the results. Did the game you were rooting for win? (Gears Of War Judgement, God of War: Ascension, PS3, Xbox 360)

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Narutone66  +   681d ago | Well said
God of War won it by a landslide. If you asked me, two very different kind of games, so strange to compare the two.
Godmars290  +   681d ago | Well said
If anything, Uncharted has always been been the one Epic has compared their game against.
xHeavYx  +   681d ago
Not surprised that GOW won gore, that's like stating the obvious. Ktatos is such a complex character as well, he doesn't kill because he likes to (well, maybe he enjoys it a little) but he has a reason to act the way he does. I can't talk about which series is best, because I'm a PS3 guy
darthv72  +   681d ago
odd comparison but...
I choose both. I like both but they are nothing alike so this type of vs makes no sense.

If Kratos was packing a boomshot to blow enemies away, that would be cool.

Im sure the blades of Athena could do some serious damage to a reaver if marcus was able to use them.
guitarded77  +   681d ago
Uncharted and Gears are definitely more alike than GoW and Gears, but even then they're worlds apart. IGN is just trying to start a fight between fanboys. I love GoW and Gears... two excellent franchises and each is a reason to own their respective platforms.
pixelsword  +   681d ago | Well said
they probably compared the two because of the initials, other than that, I don't know why such a comparison was made.
nukeitall  +   681d ago
The results are kind of odd, since Gears of War: Judgment outsold God of War: Ascension.
BattleAxe  +   681d ago
Welp, I guess that settles it. Now, I don't want to hear another peep out of GEoW fans.
Orionsangel  +   681d ago
@xHeavYx GOW won Gore? God of War or Gears of War? They both have the initials GOW. Just funny you said that lol!
InTheZoneAC  +   681d ago
there is no comparison between GeoW and Uncharted

And that's an insult to Uncharted to compare them.

GeoW simply has to try too hard

Uncharted and GoW are just great games.
Jeenoman  +   680d ago
Haha this comparison is weird. Might as well throw Geometry Wars in there as well.
ucellps4  +   680d ago
God Of War deserved to win by a landslide. Its just far too superior to Gears.
Gamerjunki3  +   680d ago
Kratos WAS a great character in the original God of war, after that, he became a terrible character, with no redeeming value. This is perfectly demonstrated at the end of God of War 3, where he learns that "the power of forgiveness come from within"(what a terrible line), yet proceeds to kick the shit out of Zeus.
xHeavYx  +   680d ago
@Orionsaint There is only one GOW son
ForzaGT  +   681d ago
Agree totally different genre apart from the name
Godmars290  +   681d ago
And I don't get why "Gears" isn't enough for Gears of War fans for the short form.
Kurt Russell  +   680d ago
Gears is perfectly exceptable Godmars, but don't forget a lot of xbox owners won't be dual console owners so wouldn't hesitate to abrieviate to GoW... I don't think it's generally a problem, it's usually clear what franchise people are referring to via context.
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Godmars290  +   680d ago
Except when this comes up, its usually a God of War thread with Gears fans complaining about it.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   681d ago
That's the internet for you.

@Edonus well, IGN for long time hasn't been Sony haven but has been dominated heavily with MS fans. Not so much now its mostly Sony at Ign just like this site and many others. In fact, this site has been MS fanboy heavy for most of this gen 2005 till roughly 2011 (2009 and 2010 this site was becoming even on both sides with still in favor of MS fanboys). It's only been Sony dominated since 2011 until this very day so 2 years. The same year when MS went mostly casual. (ironically)

But not only has GoW been around longer, the IP simply has put out more than GeOW through out the years. Its been a fan favorite for long time and always will be, same with Gears. If they did a GT series VS Forza the internet will say GT. Because its one of the four fathers of the realistic racing sim. And its one of Sony's longest running Ip's
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LightofDarkness  +   681d ago
"In fact, this site has been MS fanboy heavy for most of this gen 2005 till roughly 2011 (2009 and 2010 this site was becoming even on both sides with still in favor of MS fanboys)"

Ahem... WHAT?!

This site has been heavily Sony dominated since about 2008. There used to be almost as many Xbox fanboys from 2005-2007, but they slowly broke away and the site became absolutely filled with Sony fans from mid-2007 through to 2009.

I've been reading this site since it was created, and even read the earlier split sites (it used to be split between 360 and PS3 sites). This site was never MS dominated, it just used to be more equal.
HammadTheBeast  +   681d ago
IGN has the most idiotic Sony haters I've ever seen.

Long live Psycho_PS3_Truthh
edonus   681d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(11)
MariaHelFutura  +   681d ago
It's the battle of the acronyms.
Larry L  +   681d ago
I hate to be a grammar nazi here, but but very few people know the difference here. GoW, or FBI or CIA aren't acronyms, even though even smart people call them "acronym agencies".

Acronyms are initialisms that are actually pronounced as a word. Like NASA or TARDIS. If you just say the letters, it's not an acronym.
CryofSilence  +   681d ago
FART. Fathers Against Rude Television.
CryofSilence  +   681d ago
They don't compare gameplay elements, so the "apples and oranges" argument cannot be applied; the fact that they are two completely different genres is irrelevant. They merely compare gore, character, and which series readers prefer (the last one may be influenced by genre, but I am certain people are capable of distinguishing which of the two they prefer).
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Derekvinyard13  +   681d ago
Ign you really stooped low on this one, these games have 0 in common. U cannot compare these two games I don't care what you guys say
ATi_Elite  +   681d ago
Dude it's pretty simple

GOW = God of War!

Santa Monica > Epic Games.

also watching the video did you see how CRAPPY and faded Gears looks in comparison to GOW!
Kingdom Come  +   681d ago
IGN is riddled with Sony fanboy's. This result was inevitable...
Monkeycan8  +   681d ago
Since when?
kenshiro100  +   681d ago
Yes, because IGN didn't give Halo a 9.4 and praised Gears of War at some point.

Oh give me a break. -_-
Kingdom Come  +   680d ago
I was talking about the sites community. But, if you want to talk reviewers, Greg Miller is one of the most infamously fanboys reviewers in the industry...
Karpetburnz  +   680d ago
@Kingdom Come

Greg Miller is on the IGN Playstation team, Of course hes gonna prefer PS3, but that doesnt mean his opinions are biased, Has he ever said anything to downplay Xbox?

And have you heard of Ryan Mccaffrey? hes on the IGN Xbox team and I would say hes an Xbox fanboy, but that doesnt mean his opinions are biased.
mcnablejr  +   680d ago
i simply cannot believe how biased this site is now. droids everywhere, as soon as some flamebait article comes along some idiot jumps in to say something praising the playstation and gets tonnes of agrees, every time.
kenshiro100  +   680d ago
No one was praising the article to begin with, not to mention praising Sony. I like how its okay to praise Microsoft but when it comes to Sony, you guys scream fanboy.

Again, give me a break.
Lior  +   681d ago
no pc love on IGN or N4G.
humbleopinion  +   676d ago
And what exactly will they put up in such a VS article? Simcity 5?
arronax-1  +   681d ago
Well, thats usually the obvious fan-baiting attitude that these type of popular sites have.
g2gshow  +   681d ago
that was a very stupid comparison .....o i get it it sound like a cool idead because they both had war in the title it ooooooo i get it .......-_- next time di** heads try matching a shooter with a shooter must that even be said ?? ign stfu an find some real news to report
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showtimefolks  +   680d ago
God of war for me
Snake-eater  +   681d ago
never thought the margin will be this big
redwolf  +   681d ago
no contest, kratos wins
KentBlake  +   681d ago
This is Sparta!

(sorry, someone had to say it)
NastyLeftHook0  +   681d ago
i cannot believe they compared the two.

to play...i'll take a zues killing god bashing bald headed angry motherfocker who get his revenge anyday.
Yodagamer  +   681d ago
Oh ign you'll always be the biggest site for flame bait articles
manngame   681d ago | Spam
CRAIG667  +   681d ago
I would pick Geras all day everyday, the God of war series bores me to death but that's just my opinion...
SlapHappyJesus  +   681d ago
Both bore me, to be honest.
HeavenlySnipes  +   681d ago
Irony at its finest lol
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pop-voxuli  +   681d ago
Then you've never played GOW. I figured someone with a Bioshock pic would be smarter than that.
CRAIG667  +   681d ago
I honestly have,its just not my thing, but I have also been HUGE Gears fan fan from the start so in that regard I am bias. I tried to get into God of war mainly because the graphics were beautiful but it just didn't happen...
pop-voxuli  +   681d ago
Damn dude, I apologize for my snarky comment. I wish the rest of N4G could reply as mature as you just did, for real, it's quite refreshing!! Bubble for you man!
josephayal  +   681d ago
This is like asking 'mario or call of duty?'
C-Thunder  +   681d ago
superterabyte  +   681d ago
Neither. If you're going to call out cod on its faults then you have to call out Mario because they have the same problems and those problems are dairy related
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FPSRUSSIA  +   681d ago
god of war deserves to win it is the better game/franchise
Wagz22  +   681d ago
I like how just because they end in "of war" means that they can be compared, enough though they are completely different kinds of games. Lets compare Goodfellas and Good will hunting, I mean they have the word good in them....
edonus  +   681d ago
Or better yet Iron Man to Rain Man.

Like they say "you cant spell ignorant without IGN."
Bathyj  +   681d ago
How do you like them apples, you M@%&#$ F*(#@& ?
solidjun5  +   681d ago
You should have started like Will in "Good Will Hunting."
cleverusername  +   681d ago
Comparing games that are different genres? Why?, because they have the same initials?
LKHGFDSA  +   680d ago
released same time, both exclusives, and yeah the initials LOL.
Williamson  +   681d ago
I'd go with god of war. I loved the story and just the various places we visit in the game and how they greatly differ from each other. The gameplay was addicting and each game found a way to make it feel fresh with different weapons.
Dlacy13g  +   681d ago
It's kind of a stupid comparison but that said God of War has legacy behind it... its been a fan favorite for over a decade so not hard to see it beating out Gears.
MasterCornholio  +   681d ago
wow this comparison is just stupid.
Hassassin  +   681d ago
why would you start your sentence with World of Warcraft?
ShAkKa  +   681d ago
Boooo! lol
Hassassin  +   680d ago
League of legends?
GreenRanger  +   681d ago
Hey, let's compare Sound Shapes with Super Mario Galaxy!
It doesn't matter that they are not the same genre or have any similarities at all because they both start with an 'S'.
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Gravity_DoGG  +   681d ago
Why the F*Cc is it always God of War vs. Gears....
It¨s 2 different types of games!
Dlacy13g  +   681d ago
ah...but they have the same initials. GoW...apparently that warrants a comparison.
matrixman92  +   681d ago
what in the world is the point of this comparison
Swiggins  +   681d ago
Hey I've got an idea, next lets compare Halo 4 and Heavy Rain...you know...cause they both have people in them....

What a stupid comparison...
FrigidDARKNESS  +   681d ago
GEars Of War wins in gameplay while Ugod Of War wins in Graphics visuals.
God Of War is just another hack and slash button smasher from the 90s retro gaming.
PirateThom  +   681d ago
By that logic, Gears of War is just another co-op shooter from 80s retro gaming.

You know neither of these are true and, yet, you went with it.

More disturbingly, perhaps, there's people who agree with you meaning your brand of nonsense has people who didn't just read it and think "I guess" but actively pressed on "agree". What a scary thought that is, your opinion, as silly sausage as it is, isn't localised.
Tontus  +   681d ago
Gameplay: God of War > Gears of War.

God of War is the pinnacle of it's genre, it's the most successful and acclaimed series in it's genre and many games have been influenced by it. Gears of War? Not so much, many TPS play better and some other franchise are as (Uncharted) or more (Red Dead Redemption) popular. Many people will say Vanquish, Binary Domain and Max Payne 3 play better than any Gears of War.

Story: God of War > Gears of War.

An epic tale of revenge, betrayel, loss and atonement rooted in the interesting and magical realm of Greek Mythology VS. Aliens invade Earth-like planet while a group of apes attempt to fight them off, well almost the entire group, one of them remembers he has a wife in GeoW2 and turns into an emo who needlessly kills himself in GeoW3.

Characters: God of War > Gears of War.

Kratos is one of the most iconic, beloved and interesting characters in gaming. With a unique look, a great motive and direct approach to achieve his goals he is fun to play as and just an awesome character. The Gears of War cast are completely forgettable and mostly annoying.

Graphics (technical): God of War > Gears of War.

No one will argue here.

Graphics (artistic merit): God of War > Gears of War.

The fantasy ancient Greek landscpae with amazing artwork and great colour scripts. Gears of War has very little art in the game, I think go to the Locust Queens palace looks nice but that's it. Also they're either grey and brown or grey, brown and green. It's miserable to look at.

Multiplayer: God of War > Gears of War.

Yes, I have had more fun with GoW:A's multiplayer than any Gears game).

Also the hack 'n slash genre didn't exist as it does now until 2001, '90s retro gaming' shows how ignorant you are. And button smasher is always a weak criticism, you 'smash buttons' for every game and how else do you play a fast pace action game that focuses on combat without hitting buttons speedily?

God of War > Gears of War.
sdplisken  +   681d ago
it should be killzone v gears imo
both gritty scifi shooters

nice trolling ign!
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Max-Zorin  +   681d ago
Only this generation would compare a Hack N Slash and a Shooter.
Autolycus88  +   681d ago
This is just like trying to remember if "you should play with matches or you should not play with matches." It is definitely one or the other. Depending on how you feel or what you ate.
sandman224  +   681d ago
All though In The end theyre both good games. You can't go wrong with god of war, especially with the name like Kratos. That's bad ass! I own both games and I play god of war multiplayer more than gears of war. For the record I did buy the season pass.
I try to enjoy playing gears then you get into a match were the other team has all gnashers and they wall hop like crazy. While they charge me a load them with bullets from my lancer sometimes it kills them other times it don't go squat. I'm sure a lot of it is lag every once in a while but it's enough to tick me off.
Evil_Ryu  +   681d ago
whenever a brand becomes too popular people start attacking it, such is the case with Xbox brand and apple brand because teens love rooting for underdog and throughout this generation playstation was the underdog amongst the three consoles thats why you see so many sony fan boys on this website because they are so called "Hipsters" of the gaming world.
Agent_hitman  +   681d ago
God of war for me..
AO1JMM  +   681d ago
Not my series of choice because I am not into button mashers like GOW.
#27 (Edited 681d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Adolph Fitler  +   681d ago
The way I see it like this,
Could I live without Gears of War? The answer goes like this, if I had to choose & only one of these games could stay, I would choose, without a 2nd's hesitation for God Of War to stay.

Games like Gears are a dime a dozen, there are masses of them that do it just as well, & in some cases (IMO) better, one being Unchartered, another being Resistance, Halo, COD, etc, etc. Gears is just a brainless shooter, in the end, & although I have all 3, I am not compelled to play them, like I am with Kratos's vehicles.
This is because, there is no game like God Of War on any other format.......it is so unique, so laced in sheer quality, so wrapped in style, so full of substance......Basically, GOW is it's own entity, & to simply label it a button mashing, hack'n'slash game, is showing how stupid YOU are, & proves that you've either, never played any of these brilliant games, or that your crap at them (which kills the button masher theory).
The fact is, that GOW is a story driven, action, adventure, hack'n'slash, sword & sandal, & yes, that word, EPIC IP, that Gears could never dream of matching for sheer scale, magnitude, production quality & uniqueness....... And for me, that, along with the basic fact that it is FAAAAAR more FUN than Gears, is the reason it will always be the better & more preferred game series.

Cliffy B is serving us overrated garbage, & the disappointment felt, by his abandonment of the far better series in Unreal, is a joke. I mean, as nice as Gears is, it doesn't compare to when this team decides to make a proper Unreal game. The last 1 that came out, had some great aspects & ideas, but they ignored the horrendous online lag issues, & didn't give fans any reason to keep the game, let alone keep playing it. I mean, they should have patched in lag fixes, as well as offered some of the key things missing, that made the series so unique....I mean, the ripsaw blade gun, as well as other faves, were all missing, WTF???? The game just needed a few patches & some extra modes of play & weapons, & it would have been fine.

Anyway, GOW is the better game, GeOW is great & all, but it is a dime a dozen concept, & it should be scrapped so the return of Unreal cometh.
Magnus  +   681d ago
Both titles are great I enjoyed playing both franchises
kenshiro100  +   681d ago
You might as well compare a garden hose to a fire hydrant. They're different games.
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