PlayStation 4 Has Also Won the Next Generation Console War

Tynan Muddle at writes: "When Sony releases its PlayStation 4 console this year, it will have a strong, solid product in the marketplace that will bring Sony back to its dominating position as a video game company.

Earlier this week, I published an opinion article expressing my views on why I think Wii U will be a strong contender in the upcoming console hardware generation. But that was only part of the story.

If video gaming has taught us anything, there's always more than one winner. And so, I present you with a list of reasons why I think PlayStation 4 will be a dominate product in the upcoming gaming arms race."

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miyamoto2059d ago

what is happening with these bloggers?
can't they write stuff with sense?

flyingmunky2059d ago

The wait for the next generation of consoles has driven the weak minded insane. Be careful of overhyping lest you go mad.

smashcrashbash2059d ago

Don't approve this please. We already got done with the stupid Nintendo has already won next gen.Don't start again with this OR the the inevitable why the Durango has won next gen

PopRocks3592059d ago

Holy cow. This thing isn't even out yet.

Kurt Russell2059d ago (Edited 2059d ago )

Looking at your disagrees, more people here believe it is, than it isn't... So I guess you're wrong! How do you like them apples eh?

M-M2059d ago

Seriously GoldenElf, why are you submitting a story like this? N4G has already had enough of these, and it takes away from the real news about next generation consoles.

GoldenElf2059d ago

It's not a news article, it's an opinion article.

N4G wouldn't exist if people didn't submit articles....

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The story is too old to be commented.