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PlayStation 4 Has Also Won the Next Generation Console War

Tynan Muddle at Aussie-Gamer.com writes: "When Sony releases its PlayStation 4 console this year, it will have a strong, solid product in the marketplace that will bring Sony back to its dominating position as a video game company.

Earlier this week, I published an opinion article expressing my views on why I think Wii U will be a strong contender in the upcoming console hardware generation. But that was only part of the story.

If video gaming has taught us anything, there's always more than one winner. And so, I present you with a list of reasons why I think PlayStation 4 will be a dominate product in the upcoming gaming arms race." (PlayStation, PS4)

The_Infected  +   646d ago
In reference to the recent Xbox 3 has won the next gen console war already. Lol
JoGam  +   646d ago
I can't speak for everyone else but in my house, the PS4 won next gen.
NastyLeftHook0  +   646d ago
not only my house, but my block JoGam
user7693958  +   645d ago
me to so.. by this stats from every 46 PS4 hardcore owners..
there will be 16 hardcore xbox owners..

fair number ;)
Blaze929  +   646d ago
"PlayStation 4 Has Also Won the Next Generation Console War"
has also? huh o_O? I don't understand.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   646d ago
@Blaze you got me. The Wii U wins and apparently the PS4 wins.

Nobody can say the same for the 720 seeing how it doesn't exist yet.
Drazz  +   646d ago
nukeitall  +   646d ago
Even worse, the point the author makes is somewhat unsubstantiated:

1. Third Party Friendly:

MS has shown in the past that they are very willing to work with third party. Heck, that is what they brought to the table last time. What makes you think they aren't doing it again?

Also, Wii U is relatively 3rd party unfriendly compared to MS and Sony, yet you think it will be strong contender?

2. Indie Focused:

How is the PS4 indie focused? What tools are available? Can an indie developer self-publish a game for $100 or less?

This is already something that exist on the Xbox 360. However, I haven't heard a peep about indie support, other than we will be and we got a few supposed indie developers working on games for PS4, but will be available on the next Xbox as well.

3. Mainstream Media Support:

Mainstream media bias for the PS4 exist (just like your article), but that could quickly turn around. It certainly is a benefit!

4. Conservative Choices:

Conservative choices is not what consumers want. They want radical and different changes, as long as those changes are an addition, not a complete replacement.

Take a look at recent successes, Wii and Kinect.

The market place has radically changed already, even existing consoles like Xbox 360 and PS3 is now a entertainment hub more than just a dumb console for gaming only.

5. More than Just Games (support of Ultra High Definition (UHD)):

This smells like blu-ray versus online streaming again.

Blu-ray high resolution, barely made DVD budge i.e. BR adoption took ages for a set of consumers that are used to buying and using disc based content. Yet somehow, higher resolution will somehow be more perceptible and yet consumers will pay or want this? Even more damning is the existence of 4k TV to support this and it's massive cost in general?

Point being, this is years down the line and by that time next generation console is likely around the corner.

On top of that, the competitor probably has no problem supporting this as well.

----------------------------- ----

So in short, I think it is too soon to crown a winner. Especially when one hasn't revealed it's card, and even more damning is, it's not just the cards, but the play i.e. how management executes the plan.

Remember 3DS, thought to be dead in the water, yet now a huge success. Compare to PS Vita whom was applauded by media like second coming of Christ, yet went on to bomb with no strategy change in sights. Thought PSP did bad? Well, PS Vita is doing at least a magnitude worse!

Execution over "show & tell"!

It is rarely the idea, but how you achieve it.
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WeskerChildReborned  +   646d ago
Don't forget about the Wii U apparently winning next gen too.
GT67  +   646d ago
Damn, are we starting that war crap already?? neither console is out yet.
official sale wars will not start til oct.

article must be for quick hits.
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Kran  +   645d ago
I thought it was in reference to that Wii U article has won the next gen war article :/
miyamoto  +   646d ago
what is happening with these bloggers?
can't they write stuff with sense?
flyingmunky  +   646d ago
The wait for the next generation of consoles has driven the weak minded insane. Be careful of overhyping lest you go mad.
smashcrashbash  +   646d ago
Don't approve this please. We already got done with the stupid Nintendo has already won next gen.Don't start again with this OR the the inevitable why the Durango has won next gen
PopRocks359  +   646d ago
Holy cow. This thing isn't even out yet.
Kurt Russell  +   646d ago
Looking at your disagrees, more people here believe it is, than it isn't... So I guess you're wrong! How do you like them apples eh?
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M-M  +   646d ago
Seriously GoldenElf, why are you submitting a story like this? N4G has already had enough of these, and it takes away from the real news about next generation consoles.
GoldenElf  +   646d ago
It's not a news article, it's an opinion article.

N4G wouldn't exist if people didn't submit articles....
Majin-vegeta  +   646d ago
These are fun every now and then.but when they're pouring out 24/7.They take all the fun out.Mind you i'm a PS Fanatic.
shivvy24  +   646d ago
this post is UNDER 9000 !!!!!
SlapHappyJesus  +   646d ago
Yeah yeah.
edonus  +   646d ago
This persons credentials and opinions should be removed from the records.

This phrase seals the writer as an idiot.

"I published an opinion article expressing my views on why I think Wii U will be a strong contender in the upcoming console hardware generation."

Yep... that'll doit.
Septic  +   645d ago
What's wrong with that sentence?
Elwenil  +   646d ago
That whole site must be run by 12 year olds.
just_jeff  +   646d ago
a few posters on that site sure act like it. you shuld have seen one of them defending the Wii U earlier in the day. Calling anybody who didn't agree with Wii U winning the next generation a Retard, Gaystation, Queer... so sad. Apparently he has children and said that even they think we're queers LOL

Hilarious, he took things way to serious!
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insertnamehurr  +   646d ago
Im getting both (PS4/xbox/3/720)regardless of PS4 being my fav console which i cant wait for day one!
DavidofMilimili   646d ago | Spam
ninjahunter  +   646d ago
Sega wins next gen, guaranteed just you watch.
CEOSteveBallmer  +   646d ago
What they're going to release the Dreamcast 2??!!
ninjahunter  +   646d ago
It comes bundled with the game gear 2.
Kennytaur  +   646d ago
I can't decide, does the Helghast in the picture look more like a cat or a dog?
Drainage  +   646d ago
lol watch Apple iConsole come out buying out nintendo and all of sony's best devs lmao
CEOSteveBallmer  +   646d ago
Have you heard of the Apple Pippin?? Search it up if you don't know yet in google or wikipedia. Ipads are already their console. Or maybe your just trolling LOL!!
Studio-YaMi  +   646d ago
Non of them won anything yet ..!

Buying the PS4 day one from what I saw,next-box will have to prove itself to me so I can decide to get it or not.

Already got the Wii U.
Crazay  +   646d ago
Far too much trash like this is getting approved around here these days and quite frankly it hurts my head to think that anyone can crown a winner based on nothing and rumors.

Sony may have won some new customers but they may well have lost some too. This house will have a PS4 and Xbox (whatever the rumored name of the day) and Wii U. I can already tell you that the Wii U, as of now, is a fail of monumental proportions and this article is just idiotic.
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Evil_Ryu   646d ago | Trolling | show
Max-Zorin  +   645d ago
Jumping to conclusions is too mainstream.
Agent_hitman  +   645d ago
PS4 will won next gen console wars, that's my prediction. Based on my magic crystal lol.
InTheLab  +   645d ago
There should be an ignore button for sites. You can't just throw an idea out there then completely contradict it...unless you're fishing for hits.
Loki86  +   645d ago
These opinion pieces are really getting on my nerves. Wait for the frickin console to be announced.
DivineAssault  +   645d ago
PS4 has already won in my book.. They won my support for nx gen.. I want to have that sharing option with all my games (including multiplats) so idk what MS plans to do but they will need some great exclusives & features to gain my support..

I love the fable series but not enough to buy a console for it.. Nor Halo, Gears, or Forza.. I used to support them when bioware was a 2nd party exclusive developer for em but once they went sony too, i no longer felt compelled to support them... Nintendo has my support automatically because i know zelda & metroid will be there.. Those 2 IPs alone justify me buying a console from them...

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