Darksiders Acquisition by Nordic Games Looks Bleak

VG Republic Writes: Nordic Games acquired the rights to a bevy of THQ licenses today in the liquidation of the companies assets due to bankruptcy for a rather meager amount considering the fact that they netted 150 individual skews for a total of $4.9 Million Dollars, as reported by Destructoid. The most notable title purchased was that of the Darksiders franchise. Some others included Red Faction, Destroy All Humans, and MX vs. ATV but Darksiders was the title that everyone was eyeing to see who would make the big play for the most recognizable game in THQ’s arsenal. Fans of the franchise had high hopes for someone making a play that could bring the full potential out in the franchise that has seemingly found its place amongst mediocrity. With Nordic Games making the purchase today fan’s heads are hanging a little lower as the publisher that typically works along side DreamCatcher Interactive, that has topped out with its titles within the Painkiller realm and hasn’t published a single AAA title to this point, which is still what Darksiders is considered. It is a huge issue for a franchise that was looking up toward the future, but now seems to be resting in the hands of becoming forgotten.

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pr0t0typeknuckles2065d ago

i really hope nordic makes thes games right and go with vigils original vision of giving each horseman a game,then trying to make one with all of them.

sengoku2065d ago

not too happy with this news, nordic have a steep hill to clime if they want the fans to be happy as they have never produced anything close to a AAA+ title which is never a good thing.

well we're just going to have to wait and see what happens next

Soldierone2065d ago

I don't understand why not a single major company was not interested in this bid AT ALL. Not only did they gobble up Darksiders, but a crap ton of good IP's to go with it. Any other company could have had major marketing success with all of this.

Yet some unknown company with lackluster titles gobbles up a AAA franchise like nothing.....

pr0t0typeknuckles2065d ago

because other companies would rather milk their own tired and generic shooters to death insted of showing those ips the respect they truly deserve.

Mikefizzled2065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

Whilst being a great game it only sold around 1.5m units. People do need to remember the good guys finish last in this sort of business.

Captain Qwark 92065d ago

i know, its crazy irritating going on gaming sites and hearing all the complaining over milked ips and yearly releases then all those same peeps complaining arent buying the new ips or games with only a sequel every couple of years

MyNutsYourChin2065d ago

While I thoroughly enjoyed Darksiders, I felt Darksiders II became a victim to Vigil's ambition and because of this, I felt the game lacked coherent level design, mixed a confused score, and was indecisive about its presentation. Where it shined was in the gameplay and story. The combat and exploration was engaging. The wall scaling mechanic felt excellent. The story and voice acting was well done.

All that being said, I hope Nordic takes the reigns of this horse and rides it out of the ashes of the apocalypse and into a victory for gamers and fans of the intellectual property.

Captain Qwark 92065d ago

i disagree, i thought it lacked in story and everything else was great. story bored me to death

MyNutsYourChin2065d ago

So you think the camera was great? You think the programming and glitches were great? You thought that the terrible Earth level design was great? You thought the music was great and applicable to the world levels? That's a lot of great for all the actually poor implementation.

If you thought all that was great but the story was poor, I highly question your understanding and appreciation for key game elements. In any case, since you think the story is poor, how would you change it?

Captain Qwark 92065d ago (Edited 2065d ago )

i had zero problems with the camera, no glitches, earth was terrible i agree there, music was fine, its not overly important to me anyway. ive only played a handful of games where the music is good anyway ( castlevania symphony of the night for example, most games i just play my tunes over theres anyway )

most of what you listed is simply your opinion except the glitches but like i said, i didnt experience any so im sad for you. i played the 360 version i dont know if that makes a difference. my buddy had a game breaking glitch on the ps3 version.

lastly the story was just difficult to follow and the pacing was off. not a huge deal but the first was def better. also instead of running parallel i would have liked to see it move forward

MyNutsYourChin2064d ago

Play music over your game?! Oh, I see. You're one of those guys...

The camera system was poorly implemented. That's not my opinion, just bad design. The glitches were not overwhelming and not typically game breaking in my experience. But that doesn't change the fact that as consumers we buy and play these games expecting better quality, not poor programming.

The score is very much my opinion but as a designer, the music was not in tune with the scenery. The symphonic, trance-electronica type music did not help immerse me into the old, Celtic stylized artistry. It wasn't awful. It just didn't resonate with the artistic style.

But yes, I agree, the first installment was superior.

TedCruzsTaint2065d ago

Nordic is pretty here and there with their releases . . .

Ozmoses2065d ago

I still have to finish both Darksider games.. I had the original but got rid of it.. But, I picked it up again on PS+.. I have Darksiders II also, they're both pretty fun.

Never heard of Nordic Games though... Hope they don't let it go to waste.

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