GameStop Survey: “Are You Aware of [The] Xbox 720?”

A recent GameStop survey gives a little more credence to the name of the next Xbox.

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iXenon1977d ago

i think the most important thing is that not even they consider the Wii U a next-gen console

ThatMiamiGuy1977d ago

That's funny.

I guess they meant systems which haven't been released yet.

ThatMiamiGuy1977d ago

I was really hoping it would get another name.

Let's just hope this is GameStop's placeholder name. >.<

"Xbox 720" kind of annoys me.

SoundGamer1977d ago

I guess we might get a reveal before E3 after all.

GraveLord1977d ago

Kinda a stupid question to ask. The thing isn't even announced so no one is really "aware" of it.

DivineAssault 1977d ago

Niether of them are even priced with release dates so the general public doesnt even know of either of em yet.. Only gamers who keeps up with the news know about em..

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