PGR: God of War: Chains of Olympus Review

Despite the lack of "holy crap, that was awesome" moments, God of War: Chains of Olympus is still fun. The combat never struck PGR as entertaining, but fans of the franchise will appreciate the similarity to the console versions, including the same controls and attacks, as well as an intuitive R+L+Move replacement for the right-analog-roll. This feels like a God of War game from front to back, inside and out. Epic battles may be scarce, but if you're in to cutting up legions of faceless baddies in a batch of new, beautiful scenes, Chains of Olympus is absolutely worth your time.

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Eclipticus3722d ago

am i the only one who is tired of seeing reviews for this game? I mean we all know that THIS IS the game to buy if you have a PSP. every review says it. why do we need 3 different reviews a week after it came out.
this game rocks, this game is short, this game feels like a ps2 game, this game pushes the psp to its limits.
Thats what the reviews says. thats what all 123254602 reviews of this game said,
anymore posting is redundant.
my rant is over