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Nordic Games on Darksiders: "One Thing is Sure: The Tale of the Four Horsemen is Not Over!"

Over on their forums, Nordic Games has started threads asking for your ideas on where you want all their newly acquired to go.
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TrendyGamers  +   829d ago
Great news.
Forbidden_Darkness  +   829d ago
A lot of people are going to just brush this off by saying Darksiders is dead as a franchise now and such, without giving them a chance. It's better than EA or Activision getting it by far. While Nordic Games doesn't have an amazing track record, I think they have the potential to continue the franchise, along with some of the other franchises they own now.
gaffyh  +   828d ago
At least it's still alive in some form is the way I see it. I absolutely love Darksiders, and whilst I loved the second one, the first one was a smaller and more targeted game, with a better narrative. I'd bet that it would cost them less to make a third game like that, rather than going for bigger and bigger like Darksiders 2 tried.
Abash  +   829d ago
Well it is great news they're continuing the series, but if the next DarkSiders isnt as well made as the first two or doesnt stay true to the series then it was better off dying with Vigil Games
majiebeast  +   829d ago
Im skeptical he isnt phrasing it like they are gonna finish it but more like a statement. This is a C tier publisher with neither the man power nor the money to give this a proper sequel. If you look at their list of published and developed games you will see that.
NYC_Gamer  +   829d ago
The franchise is dead because now a below average publisher owns the rights
majiebeast  +   829d ago
Yeah its about on par as if Gameloft got the rights. Worst case scenario happend Gearbox got Homeworld and some unknown publisher bought a shit ton of IP's for legacy sales(5-15$ bargain bin games for years to come)

All these IP's are in the casket except they havent been put under the ground yet.
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DragonKnight  +   829d ago
Wow, way to keep the spirit alive guys. Great attitude to have for gamers. Publishers and developers love to hear that, as I'm sure the indie scene would too. Maybe I should copy and paste this to every indie dev out there and say "don't bother, these gamers don't think that growth is possible and thus you just don't have what it takes."

You've done a service to gaming today.
Jek_Porkins  +   829d ago
I enjoyed Darksiders 1 and 2, so I'll be optimistic about its future. I kind of wish someone else would have picked up the franchise, but I'll reserve judgement.
luoshuigui  +   829d ago
Nordic games was called JoWooD, anyone with some knowledge of last decade's B and C tier PC games should have known, the Darksiders series is indeed dead.
KongRudi  +   828d ago
Nordic Games bought up JoWooD and Adventure Company, and it's properties, it's a new company not the same, I think.

The devs NG are working with is different I believe.

The Farm 51 seems to have some talented people. Did some outsourced work on The Witcher games before they've grown enough to start their own stuff.

Will be interesting to see how Deadfall Adventures turns out in June.
trailer here:

Hopefully, they manage to put together a few studios who can follow up Darksiders success.
Seems they plan to try atleast. :)
knifefight  +   829d ago
Oh snap!
WeedyOne  +   828d ago
I think people arent thinking straight here...

Instead of the IP being trashed, a dev got ahold of the Darksiders IP and even gives hints that they are considering more games and people say it was better off dead? Give them a chance!
mydyingparadiselost  +   828d ago
I remember Alan Wake being one of the only reasons I ever owned an Xbox. These guys deserve a chance to do something cool with Darksiders.
matrixman92  +   828d ago
they didnt really do anything important with Alan Wake, they didnt even publish the 360 version to my knowledge. According to Wikipedia, they only published the Windows version and only in Europe
mydyingparadiselost  +   828d ago
Well damn. Still happy Darksiders isn't disappearing yet.
Plagasx  +   828d ago
Well at least there is still life left...
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   828d ago
Whoot! Whoot!
ElementX  +   828d ago
Nordic Games is a horrible company that releases crap!
SpinalRemains138  +   828d ago
While I enjoyed Dark 2, I actually felt like something was lacking or off about it. It's almost as if the game was trying too hard. It was a very solid game, and it did expand on aspects of the intial game, but I do hope the 3rd installment of the series can clean up the story a bit and focus on enemy design a little more. Also, the weapon upgrade system must be completely revamped. I really disliked the Darksiders 2 weapons uprgrading and menu UI.

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