This Lady Stole $28,000 From Activision to Pay For Her Engagement Party

A PR executive working for the makers of Xbox game Call Of Duty siphoned off £18,963 to pay for her engagement party, hen party and designer shopping sprees.

Kathryn Kirton, 35, was head of PR at Activision when she got carried away with the 'glamorous and luxurious' world of public relations, Blackfriars Crown Court heard.

She was in charge of the budget for a major film premiere-style launch of the game, but instead siphoned off thousands of pounds.

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majiebeast1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

I bet old man Kotick wasnt happy and send in the rogue lawyer assasination team with Soap Mctavish and a few ORCS.

Does Bobby Kotick have to choke a bitch!

"Kirton was sentenced to 18 months in prison but the judge delayed the sentence so that Kirton can take care of her two year old son, who was born prematurely due to the stress that Kirton was under."

Stealing money for shopping spree's is stressful folks.

Naate1640d ago

3 Kill Streak: Unmanned Aerial Kotick

HammadTheBeast1640d ago

I feel no pity for either of them.

dcbronco1640d ago

Oh, please. CoD has been stealing money for years.

Mottsy1640d ago

Hopefully those few nights will make up for those 18 months shes going to spend away from her family!

zippycup1640d ago

what you all don't now is kotic bought stock in disney so he is able to use the force lightning but sadly he needs a kill streak to use it

Number-Nine1640d ago

stealing $28,000 from activision is like someone stealing 28¢ from me.

majiebeast1640d ago

Doesnt make it any less of a crime.

Number-Nine1640d ago

of course. stealing is stealing.

Majin-vegeta1640d ago

That's like 1 cent for kotick.

arronax-11640d ago

Yeah, that has to be considered as pocket-change as far as Activision is concerned...

GreenRanger1640d ago

Don't drop the sandwiches.

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