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Submitted by GoldenElf 1027d ago | opinion piece

Why is Everyone Quick to Pronounce the Wii U has ‘Failed’?

Jayden Williams at writes: "Yesterday Aussie-Gamer ran an opinion piece on why one member of the editorial team believes the Nintendo Wii U may have already won the next generation console war.

The overwhelming consensus from a majority of gamers who commented was that the Wii U has, for all intents and purposes, already failed.

Um, what?

This isn’t exclusive to the hordes of comments I’ve read over the past 24 hours, but more a contagious school of thought that’s becoming more and more prominent in the video game industry." (Nintendo, Wii U)

Snookies12  +   1027d ago
Ummm, you hear this about almost every console. The PS3, the 3DS, the Vita, now the Wii U. It's not like it's JUST the Wii U being singled out here.
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TheoreticalParticle  +   1027d ago
You'd think the writer would know this. The "Wii U is dead" headlines would be in the exact same spots as the "Vita Is Dead", and "Xbox Console That Isn't Even Out Yet Is Dead" articles are.
RyuCloudStrife  +   1027d ago
Well to be fair the wii u is out and is not doing good, nintendo went all out on the casual well the casual don't feel the need to upgrade to a new console.

Wii U = FAIL.
morganfell  +   1027d ago
When the PS3 was getting all of those bad articles - practically it's entire history, what were the exclsuives like?

How were the PS3 sales doing compared to the 360 - the most advertised console? And by sales I mean go back to the very first year, ignore what was written by the media and look at the PS3's actual numbers. What was really going on?

There was ample, concrete reason to throw the flag on the "PS3 is teh doomed" articles.

I am not saying the WiiU articles are warranted.

I am merely pointing the fact out that there were grounds to realize certain members of the media have tried since day one to smear the PS3. Dan Hsu and EGM, Kotaku, etc etc. And look how bright and correct they turned out not to be.
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Godmars290  +   1027d ago
Thing is where are those positive sales numbers for game for the WiiU? Why is the Wii the best selling console of its gen yet the most 3rd parties complained not selling their games on?
solidjun5  +   1026d ago
Dan Hsu is the worst.
ps3_pwns  +   1027d ago
I agree nintendo fanboys are hypocrits and cry about when they get critizied for the fails but turn around and critisize every other console and games out there.
WiiUsauce  +   1027d ago
I can't wait until this happens to the PS4 (and lets face it people, it will). Microsoft has the dominant console here in North America for the "hardcore gamers" or the Call of Duty/Madden/Battlefield idiots.

Where will all the Sony drones be then? lol
gamer42  +   1026d ago
WHY WOULD YOU WANT THAT TO HAPPEN!!! Honestly i'm sick of bs "journalism" that spins information to make any system look bad. Ofcourse the ps4 will go through this, but the only thing doom articles do is scare people off from good consoles.
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MariaHelFutura  +   1027d ago
On the internet everyone hates everything. It's like Pandora from Borderlands.
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Godmars290  +   1027d ago
Because they were saying it shortly after its official reveal and have seen little which corrects said assumption?

I mean I've already said that I'll get it for what's likely Xenoblade 2, but the game still has to come out and on this side of the pond.
Abriael  +   1027d ago
translation of the above: "we wrote an absolutely silly article with zero footing in reality, people called us on it, and now we're mad, so we're trying again, because all we want, after all, is hits from N4G"
MattS  +   1027d ago
This headline is grammatically incorrect.
SolidDuck  +   1027d ago
I really want to play monster hunter on it. But that's really all I would play on it. Not everything is about sales. As long as Nintendo makes a profit, and it has good games coming for it who cares. At this point I can't justify buying one just for monster hunter, but I might buy one in the future.
Conzul  +   1027d ago
Nintendo make Scully cry.
Trago1337  +   1027d ago
Everyone was loosing their shit for the first two years of the PS3 and it turned out fine lol.
hazardman  +   1027d ago
You know what's funny, is that it seems as if the Wii U is going through the same thing PS3 did. I remember people saying PS3 has no games blah blah..then BAM! Nonstop games galore. I see this happening to Wii U aswell Nintendo has games on the way. Soon as I see like a new Zelda, Metroid I'll definitely buy it!
kneon  +   1027d ago
Except the PS3 never sold as poorly as the Wii U is now. Take a look at the sales this long after launch and both the 360 and ps3 were selling several times what the Wii U is selling now.

They need to pick it up and do it soon before the next gen consoles come out and take all attention away from the Wii U.
Myze  +   1027d ago
I'm sure the WiiU will get some great games by years end, but the difference is that when it was said about the ps3, it was complete BS, since there were tons of great 3rd party games, something Nintendo doesn't really have as much of. Either way though, these types of articles (well, the doomed articles) are inevitable if a console isn't doing stellar, and can almost always be ignored (along with the articles about the articles).
Xer0_SiN  +   1027d ago
who know games...more than gamers? i mean we can go into the semantics of the big wigs running the show, but if we dont buy their products...then what? thats right, they fail. if you want to make it in the game industry, you listen to the consensus of the gamers. dont like an ending in a game? youll hear it from us. mechanics? same. systems? same. just ask bioware how they their ending went in mass effect 3. lol. ask capcom about day one dlc. ask nintendo about virtual boy. so on and so forth. now im not saying gamers run the show, but we will let you know how we feel about something, whether it be with our voice or our money. its up to the game companies to find that medium. so far the only one that doesnt have their head shoved so far up is ass is, thats right, sony.
arbitor365  +   1027d ago
it is basically the wii, minus the gimmick/casual craze to support it.

how can you not foresee disaster in that? all it takes is a BASIC grasp of demographics.
arbitor365  +   1027d ago
and there is no comparison to be made between the wii u and the PS3. none AT ALL

the lowest the PS3 ever sold in a single week was around 50,000. the wii has sold less than that (mainly in the 30s) for 12 weeks this year. and still going.

also, even at it's worst, the PS3 had more third party support than the wii u has now. and we all knew third party support would improve.

it wasnt like the PS3 was incapable of running next gen games. this is a big difference. The PS3 was not a horribly underpowered system like the wii u. the PS3 had plenty of examples, both exclusives and multiplats, that it was a next gen console.

so dont kid yourself. the wii u is not going to be the next PS3. its going to be the next wii, only infinitely less successful.
rick1woller  +   1027d ago
The wii u has more power than u think, than I first thought.
CanadianTurtle  +   1027d ago
I don't know about anyone else but Nintendo in general is dead to me. I can't bring myself to play the WiiU when I know that the PS4 is going to blow me away with outstanding cutting edge games like KZShadowFall, WatchDogs, Deep Down, Infamous Second Son, etc.
What exactly does the WiiU have that makes everyone want to go buy one?

Gaming is changed ever since this generation. It's an industry that's all about innovation and keeping up with everyone else. If you're behind a generation like Nintendo is with the WiiU, then you will stay behind. WiiU sales have proved that.

When the PS4 launches, WiiU sales will drop even more
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0pie  +   1027d ago
Wii u is dead because everyone realised that the wii was a gimmick and they think the same thing about the wii u. Ninyendo also did so much for all the casual gamers with the wii that they lost most of the hardcore gamers but now everyone realise that it was a mistake cause you cant count on casual gamer, most of them probably doesnt know what is a wii u
Garrison  +   1027d ago
The sad thing is, and yes I am deeply saddened to say this:
Is that the online forum, keyboard critic type of gamers that you see here and on most websites contribute nothing but shit to the overall gamer community. It's that simple.
If you go by the comments almost anywhere these days all you will see is endless whining and bitching, that game sucks this game sucks, this system sucks and blah blah blah.

Every god forsaken game, piece of hardware, service and person will get like 30 comments of endless shit before 1 dude with an open mind will type something reasonable.

The wii u will be fine, just not around these parts.
pandehz  +   1027d ago
DEAD is new

EPIC and FAIL is sooo last summer
taiwanesebrothaz  +   1027d ago
1. it is not true next gen, meaning.... it is only slightly better than current gen and current gen is out for almost a decade.....

2. i can't see how a tablet can make me want this system so bad.... i laid my hands on one... nothing special... like a bigger psp that is always connected to the console but you cant take on the go with you

3. most people already bought into the "wii" before and most people wont fall for it a second time.... key word "most", most points to those people who saw the wii in action during a party and went home thinking all about it and bought one the next day or following week, brought it home, played it once, and left it there since

these "most" of them will not be purchasing a Wii U, not because wii U is bad, not because it is a waste of money, because "im wont be playing it that much anyway... look how much dust the wii collected"

4. lack of games... NEW IP's, not ported games

the only thing wii U got going for them is probably the lower price but the next gen consoles probably wont be too crazy expensive... expect 400-450.... wii U without compelling games will just be stuck under 20 million sold in the next 5 years
ps3_pwns  +   1027d ago
the wii u has failed been out way longer then the new gen systems that aint out yet and still has no games lol.
supermonkey007  +   1027d ago
i cant take any of your posts seriously with a username like that. it just screams bias.
Summons75  +   1027d ago
Not everyone jut fanboys who are fool enough to buy into a ridiculous idea that there is a console war and Internet bloggers who pretend they are a legitimate unbiased news source but really just goes off of other news they've read and runs they can spin to get hits.

I bought a wii u because I can see the potential it has and it's been fun so far. I'm buying a ps4 because it looks promising so far and I'm waiting on the Xbox to see if that can attract my interest. Last gen I bought a 360 and ps3 because I enjoyed the games on Those systems and I skipped the wii because I just don't care for motion control (not that any of the first party games were bad).

All systems have sucky launches and for Microsoft, don't and Nintendo they typically recover. Peor should stop feeding into this console war and just learn to enjoy games again.
BeZdaBest  +   1027d ago
i know im going to get disagrees an what not but f#$k it..

i really dont see wii u as a fail... because if thats the case the vita is a fail too.

my reason simple....

wii u in 6 Months sold about if not a little more than half of what the vita sold.."according to vgcharts"

vita sold 4.62 1 year & 2 months
wiiu sold 2.94 6 months

and yes i know vgcharts is a super guestimate but it all i have...

and to put it to further perspective we all know wiiu barely has any the vita has a few good games..

so the wiiu with the small amount of games it is has still managed to sell dare i say it more then the vita and at this rate will probably pass the vita by years end when the games start flooding in.. ( mainly 1st party)

this is my observation/opinion...
that is all
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Max-Zorin  +   1027d ago
It's just something the internet do. It's nothing new.
lilbroRx  +   1027d ago
Wow, someone posts a question that me and many other have been asking in a "non-negative" article about Nintendo and, as usual, the first thing I see is a bunch of people trying to redirect focus to Sony products.

I've been gaming my entire life since the 1980s and I have "NEVER" seen a console get as much negative attention and doomsaying as the Wii U. Not even the consoles that actually did fail. Neither Vita, nor the launch PS3's situation can even remotely compare. At its worse, it was half good articles and half bad for PS3/Vita.

Its pretty much 90%+ bad articles for the Wii U these days. Its not hard to prove either. Just go to the Vita section and count the number of negative articles about Vita for the past week/month/or any time and compare it to the number for Wii U in the same time frame.

Just go into the comments section and see how many comments in the negative Vita articles are "bashing" Vita vs defending and then go a negative Wii U article and see how many are bashing the Wii U vs. defending. Then do the same for positive articles.

Don't take my word for it. Do the math yourself. Please, show me how they are even close to one another.
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rick1woller  +   1027d ago
if you give the wii u just 5 minutes longer I think it might be ok
NobodyImportant  +   1027d ago
"Why is Everyone Quick to Pronounce the Wii U has ‘Failed’?"

Answer: Because you're writing for a gaming website, and the answers you're getting are from gamers who are interested enough in games to read gaming websites.

The sort of consumer that buys the Wii U probably doesn't know it exists yet. When they see adverts on Nickleodeon for Dance Central 5, then they'll know and they'll ask their parents to buy them one.

If you ran a poll on N4G who they think is going to win next gen the answer (at this moment in time) it would be PS4. We see everyone around us cheering for the PS4 so we think it's going to win. Unfortunately we're in a minority in our little internet bubble, and there are a lot of parents out their ready to buy the next Nintendo for their children.
yugovega  +   1026d ago
someone with sense ^ and just like the wii once a few get one and people actually try it out they will buy one also. and all the "cool hardcore gamers" will finally be able to play some original wii games they missed out on because the wii wasn't hardcore to play. hey there's an idea, a next gen console that is backwards compatible?

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