Dead Island: Riptide Review - JPS

"It’s time to cripple, cut and dismember hordes of zombies again. That’s right, Techland has released the follow-up to their 2011 zombie-slaughterfest Dead Island, titled Dead Island: Riptide. Banoi has been left behind for the also tropical, neighboring island Palanai. Our four survivors — Sam B, Xian Mei, Logan Carter and Purna — all return to go toe-to-toe with Death once again, now with the aid of the new melee-focused character John Morgan. Zombies have been staggering their way into the gaming industry for some time now, oversaturating the market with their presence and making their appearances feel less special. Dead Island had its flaws, but it brought us a unique zombie experience that stood out. The question now is: Is Riptide more of the same or has it expanded on the strong but flawed foundation of its predecessor?" - JPS

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