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Will the PlayStation Move Really Have a Place on the PS4?

Push Square: "Contrary to what Sony initially promised, the PlayStation Move didn’t really change anything at all. You’ll struggle to find a bigger fan of the two Sports Champions games than this particular author, but the motion device seems to have fizzled out swifter than a budget sparkler on a stormy Bonfire Night. Despite this, the platform holder has confirmed that the controller will be compatible with the PlayStation 4. But realistically, can we expect it to play any sort of meaningful role on the next generation console?" (PS4)

GribbleGrunger  +   826d ago
I believe so, yes. Of course there are already between 12 - 15 million of them out there so plenty of people can take advantage of the new PSEye2 straight away. I was also wondering whether the new PSEye2 will be compatible with the PS3 ... nothing has been said and I see no reason why not. It's rumoured to be bundled in with every PS4 but it's separate from the hardware.
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xabmol  +   826d ago
Agreed, and also...
The back of the DS4 has a light bar for the next PSeye.

So I'm thinking they're prepared to have motion gaming as a standard option for PS4 games and the Move will just be the upgraded option for max control.
MariaHelFutura  +   826d ago
MediaMolecule's tech demo (essentially LBP3) was mind blowing. It made it pretty clear, that the PS Move can be used to make a AAA title being centered around it.
elhebbo16  +   826d ago
for some one who loves to draw and create things (huge LBP fan as well) i was immensely excited when i saw the sculpting demo. if MM decides to make something out of that tech then i would definitely buy a Move.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   826d ago
But yet people slam and hate Kinect on this site. And also hate the idea of Kinect being used next gen.
Myze  +   826d ago
I'm not a big fan of motion controls since 90%+ of the games are complete shovelware, but I still believe there is potential for it, as long as it's not overused or the main focus (like Wii). The LBP demo was great, and I could see much more unique implementations than the junk we normally receive.
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BitbyDeath  +   826d ago
Variety in gaming is important.
Daves  +   826d ago
For sure, if Killzone move implementation is anything to go by. For me that was my mouse and keyboard equivalent... magic silk wand, so damn smooth and accurate.

So much potential... but only for certain game types.
majiebeast  +   826d ago
If they let me use it like the MM demo to sculpt things in games or maybe even game assets for mods then hell yeah.
WeAreLegion  +   826d ago
I hope so! I love Move!
arbitor365  +   826d ago
i liked the move on the PS3. in its first 2 years it was putting out more games than the wii was at the time.

but I think its time to put away motion controls for a while. I think we need to hang up the gimmicks. they have run their course. the motion control craze is gone.
malokevi  +   826d ago
"a budget sparkler on a stormy Bonfire night"

ahahaha. Thats the stupidest metaphor I've ever heard. My hat goes off to the 13 year old author of this riveting piece.

Actually... thats probably a bit harsh, the writing is generally good compared to some of the junk that gets posted around here.

But, really, who the hell has a bonfire when theres a storm?
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Sarobi  +   826d ago
I'm hoping the sculpting tech demo MM showed off becomes a real application/game, that would be neat to play around with.
Studio-YaMi  +   826d ago
I really wish that too ! it was seriously pretty neat ! :(
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GravelerMagnitude9  +   826d ago
A MMO with Move would be splendid
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nevin1  +   826d ago
Odds are it won't.
ziggurcat  +   826d ago
did the idiot author *not* see the media molecule PS4 tech demo that involved the move controller?
DivineAssault  +   825d ago
idk.. The wii motes are used with the wii u so why not? Some indie devs might come up with some cool things to use the move with

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