GT 5: Prologue - Should we buy it?

Gran Turismo 5: Prologue is looming around the corner, set for release in one month's time. It is the first game for the PlayStation 3 to go Platinum on preorders, over 1,000,000 thus far. No doubt, the highly anticipated release of the Gran Turismo series on the PS 3 will not disappoint its legion of rabid fans.

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EZCheez3655d ago

No and no.

I wish questions on my rating exams were this easy.

TheExecutive3655d ago

i am actually thinking of gameflying this and buying a steering wheel for it...

sonarus3655d ago

its anyone's choice. For us GT fans the thought of not having a real next gen racer to play is staggering. But common its half a game but it still has 16 player online racing. Now that GT finally has online, majority of my time is going to be spent competing online. Short answer is if you are a GT fan but looking for that sim experience yes. If not then no. But with the 1 million pre orders in EU alone, you know GT is the drive of your life

EZCheez3655d ago

Am I the only one who wants this?

Or did someone not read the article?

I'm betting it's the latter.

TheExecutive3655d ago

lol they didnt read the article.

They see the title: Should we buy it?

and your response No and No and think you are saying you arent going to buy it

this forum is funny.

ianp6223655d ago

EZCheez, have you actually bought and played through the Japanese Prologue? Because I don't think I've heard Prologue called a "demo" by anyone who has actually played it. I bought it from Play-Asia for $55 (including shipping), and it was worth it for the amount of time you get out of it and being able to play a good chunk of the game about a year before its release.

Also, the European and US version will have 2-player splitscreen, tuning, and more cars.

tidus0073655d ago


Definitely every PS3 owner should get this

Panthers3655d ago

LOL I was going to disagree with you too but I read some of it. I usually dont read too many of the articles because of time and my extream ADD lol. But yea this game is looking ridiculously good.

TheExecutive3655d ago

ok... here are the questions they ask in the article folks...

Do you mind paying over $100 in total for the full Gran Turismo 5 software experience?

Will playing GT 5: Prologue ruin the full version of GT 5 for you?

For gods sakes.

Glad to be a gamer3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

Gt prologues looks amazing but i still don't know how the online is gonna turn out and whether the physics/feeling of speed are gonna be on the money making the game more fun to race on.

Feel like im just being greedy and impatient getting the prologue. ive got forza 2 and pgr4 already. But it just looks so goood!

Pain3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

Whats Not with the Disagree's

ITs "Taste Of Whats To Come GT5" it Cant and Wont be Crappy, Or is it just Not Forza enough for you?

And like i said befor its cheap so work some more.

ianp6223655d ago

Oh sorry EZCheez, I thought you were responding to the question in the title. I did read the article though. My bad.

Lifendz3655d ago

I won't pay full price for a half game. 19.99-29.99 would be perfect for this.

whoelse3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

Yes. Its only £17.98 on amazon! A bargain! :)

TheExecutive3655d ago

@ Pain read the article and then read his first comment.

EZCheez3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

For the love of video games, read the articles.

I'm buying the damn game too you non-article reading fools! I already have it preordered!

PAIN-I have played Forza, and as far as that game is concerned, it might as well be drawn with crayons when compared graphically to GT5P. But you probably won't care what I say because you didn't read the article.

Seraphim3655d ago

I won't pay full price for half a game?

Someone didn't do their research. GT5:P is only $40 retail. And for the content provided it will prove to be worth it. I got an email from the PS Underground for $5 off GT5:P at; good till April 15. Even at $40 I was probably going to buy it but w/ the coupon I couldn't resist. $35 to the door is something I'll run with...

The Prologue series has been offered in Japan for years and has finally appeared stateside. It's nothing more than a taste of the real deal and to get players their fix, and anticipation up for the main event. It's a hold over title any fanatic would love to have and for the price it's hard to argue that the game isn't worth it...

as for the article. Stupid for many reasons. Although I'm sure a lot of casual gamers/fans will probably be let down &/or get burned out w/ GT5:P simply because they don't understand the meaning of Prologue... But in general the article was another waste of my time which has been happening all too often lately here @ N4G.


It's not half game... It's more like 1/10 to 1/5 of a game. But it don't cost 1/10 (5,99) to 1/5 (11,99), it costs 2/3 (39,99) of a full priced game (59,99).

It not news to us fans of GT, we have Prologue version before GT4, which was way worse than this deal if you consider the content then and now. Still I feel cheated by this...

Polyphony has the OBLIGATION, as a first party, to tease us with free demos. But instead of doing so, they go that far to charge us, spend time, money and effort to publish and advertise a demo (don't matter how big is this Prologue, this is just a demo of the real deal, GT5) while just pushing the real game to even more far 2009...

Now if those guys could manage to stop this crap, keep developing and come with the real deal in 2008 as initially said, then I would be pleased... But charging me for demos? No, thanks, I avoid paying 50 bucks Live for that, why should I Sony? I'll save the money to help getting a real wheel (G25 is the way to go, the official wheel is pathetic, cheap plastic, no clutch pedal, no H profile manual transmission like a man's car, no handbrake and I don't even know if this has 900º turnaround, just pathetic), and wait for the real game.

I'm GT fan, but not stupid... Not meaning you guys getting it are, but I feel like Polyphony is milking on us and only making more room for excuses on delays... Just my two cents through.

Sevir043654d ago

The village idiots just cant read. LOL!!! they should read the article.. ^^ either way i'm getting both the prologue and the full game.

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killer_trap3655d ago

why is everyone acting like this is the first sub GT game to be released? with 6 tracks,70 cars,tight GT gameplay, amazing graphics and a lower price tag why wouldn't anyone get it?
for the executive: get the G25 steering wheel from logiteck, it'd a little pricey but it's worth it.

Wildarmsjecht3655d ago

im pretty sure im picking up prologue. I wont really buy any tracks or new cars until i invest enough time in the game to where i feel im comfortable enough with my skill level to do so (A La Call of Duty - Yes I want that damn map pack). Towards the end of the year when the full game is supposed to come out, i'll probably pick it up 2. For a demo, prologue has a hell of alot of stuff that in a sense makes it a full game anyway. Some people just take that prologue title alittle too seriously.

crazy250003655d ago

I'm buying it. Its a full game with awesome quality, why not?