Five Things a Superman Game Needs to be Good - The Game Fanatics

Darrin and Jeff from The Game Fanatics have put their heads together to try and come up with a way for Superman to have a game that doesn't stink.

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Donnieboi1853d ago

Superman is too overpowered. If they want a good game, he should be fighting on the planet kripton, or some other world where he's evenly matched.

Heisenburger1853d ago

Yes. He should be fighting on...... kripton.


Spinal1853d ago

All it needs is Rockstar to develop it. Their skill at open world games is simply amazing. Superman needs an open world to fly through and the city needs to feel alive like GTA's world. Crimes and police doing stuff.

Summons751853d ago

"Superman is too overpowered"

*looks at any comic or cartoon and watches as he gets thrown through 5 walls after being slightly hit*

yeah SOOOOOOO over powered......god superman sucks, so do all the games, and movies (except for the first one which was decent at best)

maniacmayhem1853d ago

How is Superman overpowered? Hulk and Thor are just as strong and invulnerable as Superman and yet they have had video games based off of them.

I don't know why Superman would be any different.

Donnieboi1853d ago

Oops kripton is gone. I guess any other alien planet

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Williamson1853d ago

Just give me a Superman game with Doomsday in it.

InTheLab1853d ago

He needs the world as his playground and not be confined to one city like batman or Spiderman...

maniacmayhem1853d ago

Superman the EA game based off of the Superman Returns movie was a good attempt in the right direction. But it was plagued by rush development which you could tell happened when playing the game.

But Superman needs to be in a vast open world and make it all destructible for huge epic battles that only Superman can fight in.

And they need to up the villains like they did for Batman:AA/AC. Toyman and his toy army, Intergang, Weaponmaster, Parasite, General Zod and the criminals from the Phantom Zone, Metallo, Mr. Mxy, Doomsday, Bizarro!

So much potential, imagine fighting Doomsday and knocking him through buildings or bridges as they all collapsed on each other. And having to save people from the wreckage while keeping enemies off you.

Make it happen some dev competent enough to do it!

1853d ago