Reasons why Star Trek will (probably) suck

Let’s take a look at Star Trek and why it might be in for a rocky launch when it releases later this week.

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BattleAxe1615d ago

I'm praying that Star Treks fans finally get a game that is high quality and worth while.

coolbeans1615d ago

It's been a while, but there's a few older worthwhile Star Trek games.

sashimi1615d ago

I was just about to point to Star Trek Voyager: EliteForce. It loads of fun back than and the tv series was fantastic.

dragonyght1615d ago

star trek bridge commander I play and the sh that gam its out of e

Knight_Crawler1615d ago

Hey look a poor mans Mass Effect :)

delboy1615d ago

You got it wrong, and at least there's no gay scenes in Start Trek.

urwifeminder1615d ago

Cause its star trek I hate the series but love scifi so will prob space whore up like kirk.

MysticStrummer1615d ago

I'm officially boycotting articles with the words "reasons" and "why" in the title. Who's with me???!!!!???