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EA’s E3 2013 press conference dated

EA’s E3 2013 press conference will be taking place on its typical day.

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Don't report tags as fixed if not fixed. Ea stating their conference time isn't relevant to the consoles now if the announcement included something about an console then those tags would be appropriate.
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Community1613d ago
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Lucreto1614d ago (Edited 1614d ago )

Very good. This years E3 will be interesting.

To people who are interested that is 9pm BST or 4pm Eastern.

It seems to be the same every year.
Microsoft goes first at 6pm BST, then EA at 9pm BST, Ubisoft 12am BST.

The Meerkat1613d ago

Going to have to leave work early that day.

AlaaAlii1613d ago

Going to have to stay up til 5am that day...or..the next day.

Jaqen_Hghar1613d ago

A man is requesting off all of E3

Sevir1613d ago

My buddy Got me 3 day passes and a media pass to Sony's press event. :-)

ucellps41613d ago

I hope they show more of BF4 for PS4 and not current-gen crap.

Sevir1613d ago

Which is why the games developed for next gen consoles exclusively fair better to me, so while battlefeild 4 looks impressive, I'm more excited for KZ:SF for the fact that its made from the ground up for PS4

sherimae24131614d ago

i hope e3 has games for all platforms ^_^

CEOSteveBallmer1613d ago

Yes it will, I dont remember even just one E3 missing out a game for a system even if its just one game. Last year like for Sony they announced games for PSP, vita and PS3. Hey, your the vita girl right? When I see you in some articles you comment about games for your vita :)

sherimae24131613d ago

@ griever137
yes, im that vita girl and i really love it ^_^

CEOSteveBallmer1613d ago

Haha I knew it. You just changed your avatar pic. Can you add me in your PSN account? whats the name of your account? mine is [email protected] :). I dont have a lot of friends on vita hehe

Anthotis1613d ago

I wonder what draconian DRM measures they will announce for future games.

Maybe you will only be allowed to play their games under armed guard, or whilst wearing an explosive collar.

Minato-Namikaze1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

You're crazy with that explosive collar statement, obviously it will only be an electrified collar.

Blank1613d ago

Hahaha! I swear I was thinking the same about the DRM measure they will announce alongside the games they will present also cant forget about the microtransactions we all "love" and the DLC cut from the meat of the game.

famoussasjohn1613d ago

But..they said they couldn't further express that it wasn't DRM!

Sevir1613d ago

Lmao EA's practices are very much draconian. Still I look forward to what they are showing, They have a few new IPs ready, one being Respawn's new game. Which I can't wait for.

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the Sims 4?
mirrors edge 2?
soon see

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The story is too old to be commented.