Should Nintendo stop making home consoles?

Tepid sales of Wii U hardware and the slow drip of content being released for it have led some to suggest that perhaps it would be best if Nintendo just got out of the business of making game systems for the living room. With their handheld business strong and their library of memorable properties, could they be better served as a company by backing out of the highly competitive home console market?

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NYC_Gamer2036d ago

Nintendo should continue since they have loyal fans who enjoy playing Mario and others on tvs

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II2036d ago

They need to stop catering to casuals , they are not a loyal fanbase, they should take some risks and come up with an uncharted type 1st party hit and get proper 3rd party support for their home consoles like they used to have.

AngelicIceDiamond2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

Uncharted type of hit? why does EVERYTHING gotta be what the PS3 does on here? In order for a console to be success they need a Sony exclusive type game to succeed, get real.

No Nintendo doesn't need an uncharted type of hit. They need to innovate their first party titles as well as get third party titles on their system. GTA 5 Wii U version is a possibility which is fantastic news for U owners.

Innovate first party and major third party support is what Nintendo needs.

I'm sorry but this "its about only PlayStation" mentality is getting really old fast.

DwightOwen2036d ago

Sony WISHES Uncharted could sell Mario-type numbers.

Venox20082036d ago

Uncharted?!? Cha-ha ha :D

MariaHelFutura2036d ago

No, Nintendo should not stop making consoles. But, they should stop making underpowered last gen consoles.

DwightOwen2036d ago

Compared to what? PS4? Sorry, but Sony's nonexistent console doesn't come out for another 7 months, yet it's already obsolete. The same goes for the next Xbox.

DrJones2036d ago


If PS4 is last gen, then Wii U is last last gen.

GraveLord2036d ago

Nintendo consoles aren't necessary though. I would be more than happy playing Super Smash Bros on my PS3.

deafdani2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

Sony consoles aren't necessary though. I would be more than happy playing God of War on my Wii U.

See how easy it was for me to spin your ridiculous argument?

BattleAxe2036d ago


Well what you're saying might have made sense if the WiiU had released at the same time as the PS3 and 360, but the WiiU isn't anywhere close to being able to run games that will be on the PS4 and 720.

You see how you just got turned upside down and dropped on your head?

deafdani2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )


You raise a valid point. Actually, I had this exact same argument with another dude via PM, and the guy told me pretty much the same thing you said. This is what I said to him:

"You conveniently forget that Sony's PS1 and PS2 were considerably weaker than their competitors when they were released. Just like Sony is nowadays focusing in sheer power and Nintendo isn't, the situation can change completelly in future generations."

"Also, you talk abput power as if that's the only thing that matters. Yes, it is very important, but as a gamer, I can also appreciate the other stuff that Nintendo brings to the table. The Wii U may not be nearly as powerful as the PS4 will be, yet itbdoes have the gamepad, which in my opinion, is awesome. Not only for games, Miiverse is also a superb example of a great experience made possible thanks for the Gamepad, and that's Nintendo specialty: those quirky ideas that bring a different sort of experience to the table."

"Notice how I'm not stating that these experiences are better, or worse. Just different, and I enjoy them immensely, as well. Just because YOU don't find the same appeal to it doesn't make Nintendo machines "unnecessary". "

"I hope you get my point here. Good night. :) "


Experiences like Zombi U and Nintendoland, for example, and the Miiverse itself, won't be possible on the PS4, because that console's controller won't have a touch screen on it. (I can't speak for the Xbox 3, of course, until it is revealed to the public). I expect these kind of unique experiences to grow over time, as the Wii U matures and more games get released for it.

Power (Sony / Microsoft), or different approaches to hardware (Nintendo); to me all are valid propositions that bring a lot of enjoyment to the table, if you have a open mind. I don't think any of the big three needs to go third party at all.

LOL_WUT2036d ago

No, what they need to do is stop relying on their old characters and instead work on taking more risks to create intriguing and unique games. ;)

truechainz2036d ago

if you are looking for something unique and intriguing, pikmin 3 is rumored to be out this summer

lilbroRx2035d ago (Edited 2035d ago )

So they need to stop making games with record holding/breaking sells? Please explain this logic to me.

I really cannot comprehend why people are constantly attacking the most successful parts of Nintendo as needing revision, and it is primarily because they constantly revise them with ever iteration already.

Mario Sunshine and Mario Galaxy were worlds apart. Majora's Mask and Wind Waker are world's apart.

Second, they make mulitple new I.P.s every year. Just this year alone, they have Crashmo, Wonderful 101 and Fire Emblem X Shin Megami Tensei. Last year they had Nintendo Land and Dillon's Rolling Western. Next year they will have the sequel to Monado.


New IP's are all well and good but the last time I checked the successful games are mostly franchises. I mean, look at Sony. They release plenty of new IP's and 90% of the time they all flat on their face!

3-4-52036d ago

People just need to be more patient.

Everybody expects everything right now and exactly how they want it.

Good games take time to make.

QuebecSuperstar2036d ago

I agree. Instant satisfaction is what people seek nowadays.

MEsoJD2036d ago

They could still do that without having their own console if they go third party.

rick1woller2036d ago

nintendo should remember its hardcore fans like things other than mario n zelda such as 1080, wave race=extreme sports title.

brich2332036d ago

They should stop making home consoles go multiplatform and allow thier portable gaming device to work with other gaming consoles/Pcs. Thier games will sell Triple and they wont have spend money in the console buisness.

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PopRocks3592036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

Oy vai. How many more articles with this same damn headline are we going to get?

Would dropping hardware be all that beneficial to non-Nintendo fans anyway? I can imagine Nintendo providing software exclusively for their handhelds if they ever stopped making consoles. Which really would not happen considering even Nintendo's lowest selling consoles were profitable. The reason Sega dropped out of hardware is because they produced two consoles that did not sell very well and lost them a ton of money, the latter of which they could not even make back on software due to rampant piracy.

Donnieboi2036d ago

This is exactly the point you were trying to make in that blog. These types of articles/video's are just to get high hits.

limewax2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

This is also why the site I write for stays away from this sort of thing. Not only is it a cheap tactic but it's downright disrespectful to the audience.

I won't divulge who I write for since that's just as cheap, but all I'll say is that we'd all choose slowly growing figures over easy hits and it's a shame that this sort of stuff takes the limelight from actual developments happening in the industry on a daily basis.

Studio-YaMi2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

Having no competition means we all lose,I want all three major companies to keep making consoles.

I admit,I dislike Microsoft out of the three,but if it wasn't for the Xbox360,PS3 fans wouldn't have seen such a great line-up of games pumping year after year since the awful one and half years of the PS3 Launch.

Same goes for Nintendo,having them in the gaming industry is only helping fuel the competition.

So wishing for any of the companies to stop making consoles or to close down is just utter selfish and extremely fanboyish.

Wish them all best of luck ! :D

majiebeast2036d ago (Edited 2036d ago )

No aslong as people enjoy them and Nintendo can still make a profit from it, why would they quit?

I think you guys needs to watch the video they are asking a question and most disagree that Nintendo should stop making consoles.

jcnba282036d ago

I couldn't watch more than a minute of the video, so dumb.

Zodiac2036d ago

I will answer that with a question. Should we get rid of bacon and porn?

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