Rumor: Wind Waker HD releases Oct. 15th, sports gold game box

A European retailer is listing Wind Waker HD for a release date on October 15th. Not only that but they list an image of a gold Wii U game box along with it.

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Donnieboi1943d ago

I remember when i got my golden Zelda OOT N64 cartridge with my big sister. We skipped school for 5 days straight!

Moonman1943d ago

It was worth it man! Nice story.

Donnieboi1943d ago (Edited 1943d ago )

No i ended up going to summer school that year. But hey I made it to the next grade that fall, and am in college so it's all good in the end :D

RTheRebel1943d ago

Announce Collectors Edition

jcnba281943d ago

I hope the game box really is gold, it looks awesome.

DwightOwen1943d ago

Agreed. To be honest, I'm not too fond of the standard turquoise cases at all.

That-Guy1943d ago

Yeah, I wouldn't be surprised.

CaptainPunch1943d ago

Sweet, right on my birthday :D