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RmanX10001857d ago

Nothing but Snake, Snake, and SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKE!!!!!!!!

NastyLeftHook01857d ago

lets hope for mgs1 remastered

abzdine1857d ago

yeah but it doesn't look like it's the Twin Snakes HD

ZBlacktt1857d ago

Still own the very game I got Dec 26th 1998 and everyone after that.

sikbeta1857d ago

Original MGS >>>>>>>&g t;>>>>>>>& gt;>>>>>> TS

Deal With It!

Will throw MGS4 out of the window and replace it with this goddamn collection...

Zezo1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

this's so dump, what's the point of having this since I have the HD collection 1 year ago? what an absolute waste. Comes with all crap that's already available...I guess Nintendo is still hoarding the rights to Twin Snakes so Konami will never be able to release it again on anything that isn't a Nintendo platform. Pieces of [email protected]$#

EeJLP-1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

The pics show PS1's MGS, which is a good thing... but not remastered, which is not a good thing.

Hopefully those are just pics the site used to show the game and they'll actually include a remastered MGS1, but it's very likely just a download voucher.

(Currently plating MGS2HD - 80% trophies - on Extreme harrier boss fight) <<Harrier beaten>>

EeJLP-1856d ago

Either way, I want a full PS4 remake using the original voices and music. None of that bad voice acting and cheesy cut-scenes from Twin Snakes.

Mounce1856d ago

Let's hope for PSV Legacy ;O

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Tetsujin1857d ago

MGS is the first official game I played that actually taught me games "can" get mature over time; and also taught me certain things that to this day I still perform in other games.

I can officially say MGS is one franchise I will continue to support, as long as Konami, Kojima, and the fanbase keep it 100.

Snookies121857d ago

I read this in Liquid's voice...

Bathyj1857d ago

Damn, they must have heard I bought the hd collection yesterday

Cablephish1857d ago

Was planning on getting it recently, then I saw this.

Good thing I held off. :P

Knight_Crawler1857d ago

@CableFish - You should hold-off until December when Konami announces MGS Legacy Supreme Enhanced Collection :)

1857d ago
ijust2good1857d ago

They released all this 6 months ago...why the hell are they releasing another one. Couldn't they wait till PS4 because PS4 won't be backwards compatible. I don't see any point especially when people already have it.

Tito081857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

That was the Zone of Enders HD Collection 6 months ago man. -_____- (Sigh)

ijust2good1857d ago Show
Tito081857d ago (Edited 1856d ago )

Dumbass, the HD Collection was released in Nov 2011- early 2012 depending on region which also included the Ultimate Edition, you just proved me right because it clearly says on Wiki.

Release date(s)
PlayStation 3, Xbox 360: NA November 8, 2011
JP November 23, 2011
EU February 3, 2012
AU February 16, 2012

6 months back from April was October, the release of the ZOE HD Collection, look it up cause you clearly didn't do research or have bad reading comprehension, the Ultimate Collection was UK only & saw release on Nov 25 2011, but for some people it got pushed back to Feb 2012, over a year ago, also you don't have Portable Ops since it's canonical & unfortunately it's not included in the collection, I have the complete canon collection FYI. So, who's the idiot now? Ujust2Dumb.

showtimefolks1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

I already have the MGS HD limited edition collection and MGS 4 limited edition

Unless MGS 1 gets a HD upgrade I don't personally see any reason to buy this

Now if they come out with a limited edition than I will buy it, MGS limited editions are pretty rare besides the 4th

I don't think MGS is HD since all the others ones have HD after title and MGS doesn't

1856d ago
Bobby Kotex1856d ago

I guess I would want this if I've never played a MG game and am not busy for the next 5 years.

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RyanDJ1857d ago

It says nothing of an upgrade to MGS1. As excited as I was for this, if theres no improvements, I have the digital download of MGS1 and MGS4 with the trophy update installed. Ill just wait and buy the HD used copies of 2/3/PW as they are returned.

Now, if this is Twin Snakes, on the other hand...

LOGICWINS1857d ago

I'll actually be buying this if its $39.99. I played MGS2,3, and 4 but I never played MGS1 and Peace Walker.

taiwanesebrothaz1857d ago

mgs1... the best one u didn't play... lol

esemce1857d ago (Edited 1857d ago )

There will not be twins snakes as that would mean doing a deal with Nintendo and Silicon Knights and we all no how well the Xbox Goldeneye project went.

Best option probably this :

Lovable1857d ago

I will also be buying this. All those games in 1 disc? It's a fricking steal!!!

jetlian1857d ago

l too wish TS was released or konami did another remake! I just cant play ps1 games on HD tv. I've been on the fence to get msg1 for vita. I just dont know how it looks and plays

Ace_Pheonix1856d ago

Very well, actually. I'm in the middle of a playthrough now. Front touch pad for start and select, rear touch pad for R2 L2 and you're golden. And the digital manual is in there just in case you don't know Meryls codec number offhand.

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LOL_WUT1857d ago

Nice move just in time too. ;)

Bowzabub1857d ago

Should've had cross buy and cross play with Vita. :(
At least milk a franchise correctly.