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Submitted by Rearden 950d ago | news

Developer: PlayStation 4 was designed for American gamers

Japanese developer believes the PlayStation 4 was designed for American gamers due to its social features. (Industry, PS4, Sony)

ApolloTheBoss  +   950d ago
That's probably true. Why else would they announce it for the first time on American soil?
Abash  +   950d ago
Because America is the largest market for video games. There isnt anything "for Americans" about it's social features, they are simply making their online network have the features that social networks like Facebook got people accustomed to.
3-4-5  +   950d ago
It's more like a PC, and PC gaming is much bigger / more popular in the US than in Japan.
xHeavYx  +   950d ago
I fail to understand how social interaction makes a console designed for American gamers. It's not like they won't try to find a freaky way to use those interactions on their games
Donnieboi  +   950d ago
What kind of logic? Having social integration isn't dependent on where the console is revealed. Even if some Japanese companies wan't to make up that kind of correlation.
sucks for jrpgs lovers. :(
ABizzel1  +   950d ago
You didn't read it if that's your comment.

He said it's designed for American audiences, because of the push for social features (which makes no sense). It has nothing to do with the console-tech itself which again would be stupid because it's basically closed mid-range PC tech, with dedicated gaming features pushing it to a mid-high gaming PC.

Why it doesn't makes sense.

Most games are build on a PC, then moved to the console devkits for further programming. Considering the PS4's specs., game developers will be able to build the entire game on PC as if it were a PC exclusive and port them to the PS4, making games easier to develop for the PS4 for EVERYONE, which means more games to play like back in the PS2 era.
jetlian  +   950d ago
Abizzel get your PC nonsense out of here. Japanese don't use "SOCIAL" media like we do! All this share stuff is way more western focus which is what he means.

Has nothing to do with pc or game design outright
Monkeysmarts  +   950d ago
I bet we get Ni No Kuni 2 eventually. That won't suck.
Donnieboi  +   950d ago
Why are people are too slow to see difference between optional and manditory
So because it has Social features, it must automatically mean it's American? Sounds like a cop-out. I think they are just saying that because an American designed the console. Social Networks are VERY popular in Japan. So, this whole idea that it is somehow "American" due to social features (of all things) doesn't add up.

I had a fealing some devs in Japan would take the fact that the PS4 was designed by an American, and revealed in NYC instead of Tokyo, as a slight. But they have to understand that when it comes to consoles, Japan has been lagging behind in online multiplayer. Internet is just as accessible there as it is in the West, so it's time they embraced Multiplayer and the option of social integration. Besides, if they don't want to use social integration, then don't use those features. Problem solves. I don't see what's so western about that...

Oh and that stuff he said about Facebook, makes no sense since it is OPTIONAL (like Uncharted 3 lets you use your facebook account in multiplayer if you want, or just psn instead). If the Japanese want to stay anonymous, than just use good old fashion PSN and Avatars.
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Rearden  +   950d ago
Good points. I think they're a bit ticked off in general because the PS4 is designed by an American, where as PS, PS2, and PS3 were designed by Japanese.
Donnieboi  +   950d ago
^ This.
SugarSoSweet  +   949d ago
Well their gunna have to deal with it nobody told them to make frustratingly difficult and time consuming architecture thats found in the PS3
uuaschbaer  +   950d ago
Even though a function of product is optional it can still be an indication that said product is designed for a particular market. In this case I think it's mostly an indication of idiocy among the financial types in Playstation's charge, at which the Japanese developer is hinting while presenting it as a cultural difference.
Cryptcuzz  +   949d ago
Imo, I don't think Japanese developers are ticked off at all that the PS4 was created by an American, as well as the reveal not being in Japan, but in the U.S.

Also given that the PS4 System Architect is Mark Cerny who works and lives in Japan at one point or another leads me to believe that it would be foolish for any Japanese developer to be disappointed at that.

I would assume he knows how to speak fluent Japanese too, since he operates out of Sony Japan Studios and are even good friends with the likes of Hideo Kojima.

Now Mark Cerny as PS4 System Architect, operates out of Sony Japan Studios, knows how to speak Japanese and friends with one of the best Japanese developer; What Japanese developer would be mad at that?
GalacticEmpire  +   950d ago
Yeah, because all Japanese people don't socialize. They communicate through telepathy and a form of pheremone dispersal; like psychic ants.

Who needs words anyway when you can communicate an entire sentence and convey emotional states with one monosyllabic grunt.


SilentNegotiator  +   950d ago
Well that comment totally doesn't add fuel to the suggestion that the Japanese are xenophobes.
GABRIEL1030  +   950d ago
In almost all the world exist the internet, facebook, youtube and other social platforms. PS4 is a joint design of a lot of people of various countries inlcuding Japan and US. The console is designed to allow to the people get connected and to enjoy of the games together. You dont need to reveal your identity or if you want you can create a false identity. Ps4 will be a great oportunity to make friends¡ or foes (if you are ISA) :D
Trago1337  +   950d ago
That's pretty stupid
undercovrr  +   950d ago
wishingW3L  +   950d ago
a very social country indeed. ;)
Tundra  +   950d ago
This just in: Other parts of the world use social networking. The console is made with everyone in mind.
AsheXII  +   950d ago
Doesn't he know america doesn't even have universal health care? Thats as unsocial as it gets.
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ShaunCameron  +   950d ago
Not only that but it also spends more money on healthcare (those without basic health insurance) than all the countries that do. And has more people bankrupt because of it.
Giru017  +   950d ago
"If you haven’t heard about BlazBlue, you’re not alone. The fighting games have only been released in Japan."

Ummmm, wat? BlazBlue has had all of it's entries released for the NA and EU market, as has Guilty Gear.
FamilyGuy  +   950d ago
These so called journalist, now they're just completely making stuff up. Too lazy to do even a little research. You would think he'd check more in to this developers background seeing as he's writing an entire article based off of his comments.

rainslacker  +   949d ago
You would think if they wanted to quote a guy making a point about a system they would at least do a little research into the company that they represent. Also didn't this guy say he was making a new IP for PS4 in another article just a few days in not BlazBlue.
Monkeysmarts  +   950d ago
Well Xbox 360 sold north of 70 million units only being relevant in North America... I'd say the market has become most important to appeal to. Kind of an odd position to take, however; all the social features are optional.
GraveLord  +   950d ago
The console is obviously developed for America(and Europe in a way). Japan is no longer the dominant region for home consoles. Yes, Japan's tastes and wishes should be kept in consideration but the design choices the PS4 had will make it the most developer-friendly console ever made. Only in America. In development was left to Japan they would have come up with another Cell-type of disaster.

So to Japanese gamers/developers/whoever..... ..just because the console was made in America, it doesn't mean it isn't for you. PS4 will have Final Fantasy, it will have all those games you love. So unless you want to be stuck with a Wii U for this gen, you'll have to buy a PS4.
Roper316  +   950d ago
seeing that basically every Japanese developer is westernizing ( ruining ) their games whats the problem? now you will have a Japanese company westernizing their console so the Japanese developer can release their westernized games on it. Sounds like a match made in heaven to me..
e-p-ayeaH  +   950d ago
I belive PS4 will be better for everyone. No overly complicated coding any longer and good specs equals good results and more games being made for the PS4.
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YoungPlex  +   950d ago
I beg to disagree, I think that the PS4 is going to be one hell of a system for any developer!
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shivvy24  +   949d ago
If sony does capture a good amount of xbox audience from America then its good for them because they already have almost all the other regions
Arai  +   949d ago
Piece of sh... site should be banned on N4G.
Every "article" they spawn is filled with bs with no credibility.

"If you haven’t heard about BlazBlue, you’re not alone. The fighting games have only been released in Japan."

Says hi:

Other than that I'm excited to see a next-gen 2D fighter.
Thankfully Arc System Works keep making them, which is a rare thing in this time and age.
Venox2008  +   949d ago
I really hope they didnt mean about games.. Already X360 is made for Americans: shooters, shooters, gears of war, halo... no thank you - that's why I sold it..

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