Defiance In-Depth: Weapon Modding Guide

A short, easy-to-follow guide to weapon modding in Trion Worlds' latest MMO-shooter, Defiance. Attaching modifications to your guns can improve your damage output, accuracy, critical hit chances, and more. Learn how to make use of this powerful in-game feature.

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WolfLeBlack2067d ago

It's worth mentioning that you can't modify weapons until you hit an EGO rating of 100. I've encountered a lot of people in the game frustrating that they can't modify their weapons because the game, as far as I'm aware, though I may have missed it, doesn't explain this.

It baffled me at first :D

Alduin2067d ago

Very good point to make.

JeffKaos2066d ago

Should also note that you'll easily hit EGO level 100 in the first few hours of play. I managed to get the pre-order bonus a few days after the game released and I found all the EGO codes with a quick google search so I started at EGO 50 after the tutorial area but I have to assume that EGO level 100 wouldn't take too long to hit without any bonus'.

Alduin2066d ago

Yeah, leveling isn't too difficult. As long as you participate in the events, do Arkfalls, and complete story missions you'll end up completing pursuits and raising your EGO rating.

fracturedrich2066d ago

Finding a full set of synergy mods is proving to be hard work i have 3 on four weapons and it seems like a age to get that fourth one.