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Jon Hamlin: Gone are the days when horde modes were an enjoyable part of your favorite shooters. With God Mode, developer Old School Games is looking to convince you that a horde mode is worth an entire game in and of itself. But does this new kid on the block hold its own against all the other playground bullies? Let’s find out with our review of God Mode!

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BiggCMan2064d ago

"Why for the love of Satan they only let you carry two weapons throughout the entire match I’ll never know. It’s monotonous, boring and extremely repetitive with a relatively low payoff"

That describes most shooters in the last 5 to 7 years though :O

NiteX2063d ago (Edited 2063d ago )

It's obviously for balance. If you enjoy games like Serious Sam, you will enjoy God Mode.

antz11042063d ago

Terrible review.....and Im calling b.s.

If you truly played for the entire day you def leveled up more than 1 and a half times. Three full matches got me to level 2.

Fun game, def worth the ten dollar price point.

bluetoto2063d ago

4.7 review. Every horde mode should not play the same, otherwise why not just play an easier one like ME3?